DIY All-White Floral Centrepiece

As I said in my previous post, my fiancé and I had a wonderful, romantic New Year’s Eve dinner at home this year. Here is what our table looked like:


To really set the ambiance, I created a lush, all-white floral centrepiece for our table. I used my grandmother’s silver rose bowl as the vase, and most of the flowers I bought up at Loblaws.

Recipe: All-white floral centrepiece

8 stems white-cream spray roses (4-6 blooms per stem) ($10)

15 stems white spray carnation (3-4 blooms per stem) ($6)

1 large white hydrangea ($4.50)

1 branch cedar (approximately 8 off-shoots) ($3)

Floral shears (clean, sharp kitchen shears will do)

Vase or bowl

Glass stones


1. Gather all your flowers in a large pot, filled with warm-ish water and flower food. I bought the spray roses and carnations the day before making my arrangement. The hydrangea and cedar I bought the day-of. Make sure to trim the stems of your flowers.

2. I filled the bottom of the rose bowl with a layer of glass stones, and water. I originally tried to use floral foam, but I hated it so I re-started with just the stones. The problem with the foam is that once you insert a flower, you can’t pull it out really because the hole stays there forever. Also, if you insert a flower too deeply and need to adjust it, you’ll create an air pocket under the stem, and the flower can’t get water. 🙁

3. Place your hydrangea in the centre of the bowl. You’ll have to hold it up at this point. Keep in mind that you want to create a dome shape.

4. Surround the hydrangea with a combination of carnations and roses. For this, keep most of your multi-bloom stems intact.

5. Once the arrangement is secure, fill it out with individual carnations and roses. The nice thing about hydrangea is that the cage-like understructure will hold other flowers in place.

6. Add your trimmed cedar shoots.

7. Ta-da!



You could easily re-create this look using fewer flowers, in a smaller vase. The rose bowl has a very wide opening, so I required plenty of flowers to give a lush look. In a smaller vase, you’d probably need only 5-6 stems of spray roses, 8-10 stems of spray carnations, 1 hydgrangea, and cedar.

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