Hello fellow DIY-ers! For New Year’s Eve I made my fiancé a romantic at-home meal, which I finished with a trio of homemade pear-liqueur truffles. They were delicious! I adapted my original recipe using Ferran Adriá’s book “Repas de famille” (a Christmas gift from my wonderful fiancé).

Here is the recipe and how-to. This will make about 10 truffles:

*Truffles are not an exact science – you need to adjust based on taste and texture. *

60 g of semi-sweet chocolate (I used the brand Baker’s – 4 cubes)

60 ml 35% whipping cream

1 tbsp butter (cut into small pieces)

1.5 tbsp liqueur (I used pear this time, but I’ve also used amaretto, ice wine, scotch, kahlua etc.)

1. Assemble all your ingredients.


2. Chop your chocolate into fairly fine pieces. Put them in a small baking dish or bowl.


3. Heat the cream in a small sauce pan until it is gently simmering.

4. Pour the hot cream over the chopped chocolate. Cover and let the cream melt the chocolate (about 3 minutes).

5. Uncover and whisk until smooth. Sometimes the cream is not quite enough to melt all the chocolate. In this case, place the chocolate over a pot of gently boiling water (like a double-boiler) and whisk until smooth. 


6. Incorporate the butter pieces into the chocolate mixture. (Again, use the double-boiler method if the butter won’t melt). Whisk until smooth.

7. Add the liqueur and whisk until smooth.


8. Cover and refrigerate until the mixture is fairly firm to the touch.

9. Sift some cocoa into a small bowl.


10. Roll the truffles into small balls (they don’t have to be perfectly round) and coat them in the sifted cocoa. Enjoy at room temperature. YUM!

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