This project is something I made during one of my “crafternoons” with my best friend, Annie. I was inspired by this pin, though mine was on a smaller scale and in a different palette.

heart closer

I used materials I had lying around the house:

– A small square canvas

– Blue and white paint chips & cardstock

– Aleene’s Tacky Glue + toothpick for application

– Heart-shaped paper punch

Basically, all you need to do is:

1. Lightly trace whatever shape you’re creating onto your canvas.

2. Spend what feels like hours punching out little hearts (or whatever shape of punch you have) in gradient shades of a colour (I chose blue).

3. Fold the little heart in half and then glue ’em down.

heart close-up

If I were to go back and do this craft again,  I would definitely start blending the shades a bit more. I love the middle section, but I wish I could re-do the bottom bit. Oh well. It still looks nice and cost me 0$! And I had a great gab with Annie while I was making it, so not bad for an afternoon (crafternoon)!

heart on dresser

So let’s hear about your paint-chip projects. Any keepers out there?

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