Hey fellow flourishers (I think that’s your new name)! I’m thrilled to introduce the first of what I hope will be many wonderful guest posts. This one is by my friend Annie, who you’ll remember from this post. She did some really great DIY artwork recently and she agreed to write up the step-by-step instructions to recreate it at home.


I couple months ago, I was feeling sad about the bare walls in my apartment. I love art a lot, but cash is tight and I have expensive taste. I decided that I wanted to make some paintings to occupy the space until I could afford the good stuff. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday and all the good craft supply stores were closed. Not to be deterred, I decided to experiment with some of the materials I had on hand… like food colouring.

First, I painted a small dessert plate with diluted gel food colour.


Once I’d achieved a cool enough pattern, I took a piece of watercolour paper, lined the middle of it up with the plate, and smacked it right down there!

The result looks like this:


Cool right? I made a few of these babies so I could hang them up as a series.


To finish each piece off, I signed it , and gave it a print number (you know, to make it look professional).


I found some inexpensive frames at my local dollar store and stuck the prints inside once they dried.


The whole process start to finish took about 30 minutes and everyone who passes through my door compliments them (ha! If only they knew!). You can replicate this with any watery paint. You can even layer colours and patterns if you want. It’s honestly a pretty foolproof process.
Happy crafting guys!

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