Over the March break, Erick and I went for a little jaunt out to Hudson, Quebec. We took in the beautiful (albeit teasingly spring-like) sunshine and gorgeous landscape, along with some lovely local shopping and dining. You should know that this is NOT a paid write-up! Just my account of a wonderful afternoon.

Our first stop was Ye Auld Curiosité Shoppe, a surprisingly large antique store right in the centre of town.


I laughed when I saw the store’s sign, because I have to wonder if the “curiosité” bit is simply a way of appeasing the Office de la Langue Française… Hope I didn’t just bring their wrath down on my little blogosphere.

Anyway, this place is a real treasure trove for collectables, and boasts a reasonable selection of furniture as well. If you are a doll collector, Ye Auld is a Mecca for you. Ten years ago, I would have been all over their collection of gorgeous antique dolls. I’ve since kicked the habit, but I admit to spending quite a bit of time poring over the extensive selection. My favourite was this one, because she reminded me of Beth’s doll in the Little Women movie.


If you’re unsure of which doll I’m referring to, you need to go back and watch Little Women IMMEDIATELY and with a large box of tissues at hand. *SPOILER ALERT* When Hannah squeezes the little doll’s hand, just after Beth dies… I’m tearing up just thinking about it. Moving on.

I thought that this chair would make a great re-upholstery project, but since we were on a strict no-buying policy, I had to pass.


Great bones and in pretty good shape. I can see it stained darker with navy and white striped upholstery. Something like this.

Our second stop was for lunch (breaking the no-buy policy, I know). We found this great place called Les Artisans de Hudson, which was FANTASTIC!


We were greeted by the owner/pastry chef, and were fed some absolutely delicious fare. We both had the same thing: sweet potato and pear soup (gotta try that at home) with two open-faced sandwiches. One was caramelized onion and pecan with fig preserve and bacon and the other was grilled vegetables with goat’s cheese and parmesan. Absolutely mouth-watering! Here’s an idea of the gorgeous cakes and pastries they also serve:


Yeah, I definitely looked a lot like this:


Don’t judge me too hard, fellow flourishers.

I’ll be back soon with the rest of our afternoon in Hudson! We’re planning a return trip this spring, so anyone with good tips for antiquing, shopping, or dining in the area is welcome to leave a comment.

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