I’m so sorry for missing the Wednesday post, flourishers! I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off (I always say that in my mother’s voice, for some reason) getting ready for my trip to India. I bet you’re thinking, “Wait! India? When did that happen?” Well, I was offered the opportunity to teach 10 days of music classes to the children at Angel’s Place orphanage in North-East India, so on Tuesday I’m headed off on the adventure of a lifetime! I’ll definitely have plenty of blog material for you when I get back.

But this post isn’t about my trip or about my apologies for a post-less week. It’s about buttons.

Vintage button push-pins of the DIY variety, to be exact.

The idea came from this Little House Blog project. *Unsolicited shout-out* I really love Lindsay’s blog and it has been a big inspiration for starting my own.

So the first thing I did was raid my mother’s vintage button collection (thanks, mom!) and choose about 20 buttons I thought would work well. The buttons I chose were all collected either by my grandmother or my great-grandmother so they truly are vintage.

The buttons needed to be either flat-backed or with a nub that was rectangular (rather than round). Otherwise, the push-pin wouldn’t lie flat on the glue. The other thing was that the push-pins themselves needed to be as flat as possible.



With my trusty glue gun, I put a dollop of glue on the back of each button, pressed down the push-pin, and then let it dry. In the inspiration project, Lindsay used gorilla glue after trying (unsuccessfully) to use her glue gun. Apparently, the buttons were falling off after they were dry. Mine seem to be holding, but only time will tell, I guess.


Once they had dried, I arranged them on my cork board (which is also due for a DIY update). I’ll definitely be making some more of these push-pins once I have a larger cork board.


I think they look really pretty and I love that there is family history behind many of them. My grandmother was a pretty crafty lady, so I think she’d approve!

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