When I started up F & N this winter (or re-started, I should say), one of my plans was to use this blog as a kind of garden journal. This is Erick’s and my first spring in our first house so we’ve been looking forward to seeing our garden bloom.

I cannot believe how quickly things change in a garden! Here is the very first picture we took of the front garden bed, on May 3rd:


Just two weeks ago, it looked like this: (Ah yes, fond memories of the dandelions)


Now, the front bed is alight with beautiful purple blossoms and more shades of green than I can count!


Those purple flowers just happened one day! I came home from work and *poof* there they were!


Admittedly, things are looking a little jungle-esque right now… But this year is a wait-and-see-what-grows situation.

The back yard has been a continuous source of joy and mystery, as it fills out a little more each day. Here it is on May 3rd:




And here are the “after” shots, taken today!


I’ll have a deck update for you next week! Stay tuned!


I love this birch tree, and the little ferns around its base just make me smile. It’s also pretty clear that the previous owner was a big fan of hostas.



Yes, the dandelions remain in the lawn. That is a battle for another day.


Another *poof* moment was this beautiful tree. We’re not quite sure what it is, because it looks and smells like a crabapple, but the fruit is more like cherries… Any tree sleuths out there have an idea?

I’ll leave you with my favourite picture so far. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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