Late-Spring Garden Tour 2014

When I started up F & N this winter (or re-started, I should say), one of my plans was to use this blog as a kind of garden journal. This is Erick’s and my first spring in our first house so we’ve been looking forward to seeing our garden bloom.

I cannot believe how quickly things change in a garden! Here is the very first picture we took of the front garden bed, on May 3rd:


Just two weeks ago, it looked like this: (Ah yes, fond memories of the dandelions)


Now, the front bed is alight with beautiful purple blossoms and more shades of green than I can count!


Those purple flowers just happened one day! I came home from work and *poof* there they were!


Admittedly, things are looking a little jungle-esque right now… But this year is a wait-and-see-what-grows situation.

The back yard has been a continuous source of joy and mystery, as it fills out a little more each day. Here it is on May 3rd:




And here are the “after” shots, taken today!


I’ll have a deck update for you next week! Stay tuned!


I love this birch tree, and the little ferns around its base just make me smile. It’s also pretty clear that the previous owner was a big fan of hostas.



Yes, the dandelions remain in the lawn. That is a battle for another day.


Another *poof* moment was this beautiful tree. We’re not quite sure what it is, because it looks and smells like a crabapple, but the fruit is more like cherries… Any tree sleuths out there have an idea?

I’ll leave you with my favourite picture so far. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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0 thoughts on “Late-Spring Garden Tour 2014”

  • Wow, Sarah & Erick, it looks vEry exciting and exhilarating. Transformation every day. That muddy soil suddenly turns like magic into miraculous & charming flowers. Not sure what that lovely pink tree is but that’s part of the adventure.
    Today, when we got back from the adventure of the Siamsa garage sale, pretty funky and fun as well, I discovered that the leaves on my rustic roses had suddenly opened while I was gone and the dahlia babes had shot up an inch while we were away. The gifts of rain followed by ardent sunshine.
    Happy gardening,

    • Thanks, Aunt Sheila! Yes, it is certainly a bit of trial and error this year, as we discover exactly what is in the garden. I’m glad the garage sale went well, too! It was a beautiful day, punctuated by just a few short showers here. See you soon!

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