* Sung to the tune of “Favourite Things” from The Sound of Music*

We had a heat wave and then a big rain storm

Chairs are delayed, this seems like my new norm

I am a blogger, I must write a post

So I fall back on my favourite thing!

Clear coloured Mod Podge and recycled glass jars

Don’t buy more craft stuff, your stash is a farce!

Use what you have – Oh look! Here’s some string!

Nautical stripes will be just the thing.

Brush on some Mod Podge and quick! Wind the string on!

Alternate colours – missed spot? You can move on

This craft is foolproof, just keep on winding

Projects like this are my favourite thing!

When the podge clumps

When the string knots

When I’m feeling mad

I simply think of how great it will look done

And then I don’t feel so annoyed at the little squiggly bit that made the string uneven BAD!

I bet you just sang that whole thing to yourself. 🙂

You earn a Lifetime Membership if you opened your arms wide à la Julie Andrews on that last bit, like this:


Joking never aside, every word is true. We started the week with 34 degree weather and then proceeded to a massive rainstorm that lasted several hours (all of which were my non-working hours). All in all, the chair makeover is mightily delayed. (Although I did find the cushions today! Score!)

Hence moving this post up from Saturday’s scheduled delivery (in the hopes that the chairs will make their grand, if tardy, entrance). I made these little embroidery floss-wrapped jars in about an hour and a half (spread over two days), and it was a pretty approachable craft. Plus, the only real cost was the citronella candles!


I covered the how-to in the musical portion of this post, and in show business they always say to leave ’em wanting more, so I’ll leave it at this: 

1. Brush on Mod Podge (or some kind of clear glue that sticks to glass)

2. Wrap floss (turning jar) until you are satisfied


3. Alternate colours to create stripes

4. Swear inwardly (or outwardly if that’s your thing) when you get to the top of the jar where it’s squiggly and the floss won’t wind evenly

5. Figure out that you can just re-wrap the top with a second layer and it looks just fine

6. Insert candles/flowers/whatever and enjoy!


I put citronella candles in mine, because we’ve discovered that our backyard is pretty buggy after about 7:30 PM. We’ll see how that goes.

When I was done, I took them for a little glamour shoot on the deck. Here they are, sitting pretty in their new abode!




My favourite is the ombré blue and white one, but I do love the shape of the navy, white, and yellow one. The smallest one shows off the yellow citronella candle really well, which I really like.

I hope to be back on Saturday (or maybe Sunday if the weather remains un-cooperative) with the Big Deck Chair Reveal. Stay tuned and until then, I hope you find time for some of your favourite things!


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