Because, ladies and gentlemen, the chairs are DONE!

I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for this post… About to fall off your chair in anticipation… Well here it is!

Actually, you’re probably thinking “Oh look – she finally finished this interminable project. I thought it would take her the next twenty years. Maybe now she’ll stop nattering about oil paint and seat cushions”.

Oh wait, that’s what Erick is thinking. You’re just thinking, “Ok lady, enough with the build-up, just show me the chairs”.

Drumroll, please……………



sarah fireworks

In just 30 000 hours, $50, and a lot of second-guessing    frustration perseverance, we have gone from this:



To this: (sanded, scraped, and being primed)


To this: (primed and seats are cut)


To this: (final coat of Trem-Clad oil paint going on)


To this! (DONE!)


The seat cushions were probably the cheapest, but most time-sucking part of this project. I must have gone round to 10 different stores looking for tie-on seat cushions. The kicker was that they couldn’t cost $50 dollars each. Imagine! Not wanting to spend an exorbitant amount on cushions?! What a demanding person I am! Anyways, I struck gold at the dollar store in Kirkland, where I got these simple red cushions for $2.00 each. Ya-hoo!

Thus ends the saga of the deck chairs. For all that it was a time-consuming project, I love the way they turned out and it was totally worth it!

Now, for all you blogosphere sleuths, leave me a comment if you notice something else that’s new on the deck… Because that’s what this Wednesday’s post will be about!

See you later!

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