A romantic floral arrangement

Maybe I’m just feeling nostalgic, but I seem to be re-imagining the past (both distant and recent) this week. For our first wedding anniversary, I decided to do something special for my man: I re-created our wedding menu. To top it off, I also did up a floral arrangement for our table that was inspired by the flowers from our wedding. Erick loved it and we had a fabulous evening reflecting on our relationship and marriage. I thought I’d share the floral arrangement with you, in case you have a DIY wedding or event coming up, or you just like to play around with flowers!


I kept the cost of this arrangement down by using about 60% from our garden and 40% purchased from the florist/grocery store. You could easily do this for a wedding or event, if you have access to a garden with plenty of greenery. Warning: you need to make sure any garden-gathered flowers or greenery are bug-free!

The recipe:

Approximately 9 stems of red spray carnations

4 large white roses 2 large pink roses

Approximately 5 stems pink echinacea (from our garden)

Approximately 9 stems silver king artemisia (from our garden) *substitute: dusty miller

Approximately 9 stems spiraea greenery (from our garden) *substitute: ruscus 

Approximately 3 stems of larger-leaf garden greenery *substitute: salal leaf

UPDATED: Approximately 5 stems of phlox (from our garden) *substitute: white asters white flower?

UPDATED: Thanks to a super-helpful reader, I now know that the mystery flower is phlox! Thank you, garden guru!

I decided to use the beautiful Nova Scotia crystal bowl, given to us as a wedding gift by my aunt and uncle, as the vase. I created a grid across it using clear tape, so that the flowers and greenery would stay in place. Even so, this is a much looser type of arrangement, and you have to be patient while it takes shape.


First, I filled in around the sides with greenery, then I began to place my flowers. I started with a few of my focal flowers (the roses).


Slowly, and turning the bowl every so often, I filled in the arrangement. Don’t be discouraged if the flowers flop around a bit at first: they’ll settle when you fill out the arrangement.




I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a grid arrangement for an event where you plan to move the flowers around, as they have a tendency to shift. The tape isn’t always very solidly stuck down, because the water can unglue it. For our wedding, we achieved a similarly loose and fresh-picked feel using florist foam (oasis), which is what I would suggest for any arrangement that needs to travel. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of our wedding arrangements vs. our anniversary arrangement.

flowers side-by-side

I really think that people are scared off from floral arranging because it “looks hard” or “seems complicated”. True, a pro florist (*I am not one!) has experience and plenty of tricks in their favour, but there’s something serene and sublimely creative about doing your own arrangement. It’s like anything else: do your homework, observe keenly, and practice, and you’ll get the hang of it.

I’d love to see or hear about your own DIY floral arrangements! Feel free to leave me a comment or link to pics of your own arrangements.

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Have a great weekend!


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