… Antiquing we will go! Hide all the credit cards, antiquing we will go!

Summer’s just about over (for teachers, at least), and I’ve had one of the best ever. One of my favourite parts of this summer has been the time spent poking around in little antique stores and artisan co-ops with Erick and my family.

I didn’t really buy much in any of them. For me, it’s more about the thrill of the hunt than making the kill, so to speak.  I definitely believe in the catch-and-release programme when it come to antiques. As Erick points out to me (daily, almost), you can love an object without actually putting it in your home. 🙂 This philosophy has saved me from many a misguided purchase.

One of my favourite of our summer jaunts was a little day-trip we took to Ormstown, Quebec. The antiquing was a bit thin on the ground, but we did come across this amazing co-op called Serenplicity. They call themselves a handcrafted soap and candle shop, but they also carry a bevy of other artisan-made products.


Doesn’t that gorgeous Victorian just beckon you in??! We were greeted by the owner (and chief candle-and-soap-maker), Mary.


Mary was so pleasant to speak to – she took us through the process of making her beautiful soaps and showed us all of the many products she hand-makes. You can really tell that this co-op is a labour of love!

There were so many sweet products to check out, like hand-painted candles, reclaimed wood picture frames, custom cheeseboards, and bath stuff.




In the interest of full disclosure, Mary threw in a couple of free glycerin soaps along with the other soaps we purchased. But this is in no way a sponsored or paid post! 🙂

A couple of days later, we hit up Finnegan’s Market, in Hudson. I’d heard a lot about this antique and flea market, and I was eager to check it out for myself. Well, let me tell you: it was fantastic!

So. Many. Antiques!

I think this little guy and his tractor would make a fantastic book end in a kid’s room.


Then there were these super-sweet butterfly candlesticks. Perfect for summer entertaining on the porch! Or perhaps for a Midsummer Night’s Dream-themed wedding?


You know that I have a thing for crates. These would make awesome container gardens!


I want this charming poster in my studio! I love that she’s wearing a beautiful white hat and holding frothy pink flowers whilst riding her bicycle. If I had a bike, that’s what I’d do. (Plus a helmet, of course!)


For a girl’s bedroom. My (non-existent) boudoir. Hollywood starlet’s dressing room. Wherever: just wrap it up! In fact, I’ll take two!


Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m a sucker for anything Christmas. And if it’s vintage AND Christmas, then all the better. Let it be known that I bought nothing. I do believe that earns me one no-questions-asked, zero-veto-power home decor purchase, don’t you? (Erick, are you listening??)


Next up on my jaunt-y recap (see what I did there? I crack myself up!) is my weekend trip to Sherbrooke, Quebec. I was there performing at the Festival des traditions du monde with the Sarah Burnell Band and the Siamsa Singers. Both groups gave fantastic performances, and it was a really cool festival, all-round. In between gigs, I managed to fit in some antiquing! There’s always time for antiquing.

Ok, so I may have a slight obsession with crates and boxes. Just slight.


Also old metal pots and buckets, apparently.


And butterflies. This is becoming a theme. I smell a project coming on. 🙂


Hollywood called. They want their phone and silk-upholstered bed frame back.




Who doesn’t need a larger-than-life wooden ballerina for their home? I hear House & Home has a feature on these next month. They’re calling it “crazy chic”.


This is an actual horse from Coney Island, available for purchase for the low, low price of $18 000.


This last pic is actually not an antique at all. It’s from the boutique located inside the Brûlerie de café de Sherbrooke. We stopped in a for a quick pick-me-up coffee (and pulled-pork sandwich), and it was a total découverte! The coffee was delicious and the sandwich completely hit the spot. I spotted these awesome painted mugs and thought they’d be great inspiration for a DIY project.


If you’re in Quebec, these little towns are definitely worth checking out. Everyone we met was really friendly, and they are filled with fabulous little shops and restaurants. The perfect weekend getaway!

As of Tuesday I’m back to work. *sniff* Not sure yet what that will mean for the frequency of my posts, but I will do my best to stay on top of it! I’m full time again this year, which is a real blessing, but one of my two contracts is at a new school. It sounds like a fantastic place to teach, though, and I’m SO looking forward to meeting the staff this week and the students next.

Happy rentrée, everyone! I wish all those going back to work or school smooth sailing! See you in a few days.

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