Also known as the Make-Work List. 🙂

door wreath to do list

Erick and I are still new to the whole homeownership game, and this is our first real fall in the house. (We moved last November, so we missed fall by a month – and if you live in Canada, you understand that November is so NOT fall.) Fall is my absolute favourite season: we’re treated to nature’s fireworks display of red, yellow, orange, and gold leaves; the air is crisp and clean; the produce is at its peak; and let’s face it – fall’s fashion is the best.

But with the change in season comes plenty of work to do around the house. Winter in Canada takes its toll on a home, so it’s super important that we get these things done before the cold arrives. Here’s our fall to-do list, in all its make-work glory:

– Finish painting the hallway and foyer

– Fix a small superficial crack in one of the exterior walls

– Garden maintenance x 1 000 000 (!)

– Clear space and plant two peony plants

– Clear space and plant three forsythia plants

– Clear space and plant lilac tree (can’t really be called a tree yet… lilac twig?)

– Plant some new bulbs for spring

– Trim cedar hedges ASAP

– Take photos of garden so that we can plan some changes for next year

– Wash windows (yikes!)

And if we accomplish all that, I’ll be VERY surprised.

By the way, I should tell you that the beautiful fall wreath featured in this post was made by my very talented mother, Linda!

Since it’s been radio silence on the living room makeover front, I’ll leave you with this sneak-peek of what’s coming your way next week.


Clearly, there are still MANY things to do to this space before the big reveal next week. We still need to:

* Updated*

– Hang curtains (they’re already made!)

– Hem curtains

– Make cushion covers

– Art work? On no budget? Hm.

– Side tables would be nice

– Do something about that horrible brown baseboard heater!

I’m under no delusions that I will get through all of that AND work full-time this week, but I will do my best to have at least some of it accomplished by the next post!

Better stop drinking coffee and get moving.

Have a great week!

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