Ladies and gentlemen: Flourish & Knot is in print for the first time!

I was thrilled when I received a phone call on Tuesday evening from Stephanie O’Hanley, a local Montreal journalist (and former member of the Siamsa Singers). Stephanie has been following my blog (and I’ve been following her blog, too!) and wanted to include my recent post about pine cone decor in an article she was writing on alternative Christmas decorations.

Of course I reacted very calmly and totally professionally like the nutter I am and starting doing a crazy happy dance in our kitchen!

The article just came out today and I’m so pleased with it – thank you, Stephanie! If you want to read up on other local news (there’s some neat stuff going on in this community!), here is the link to the online edition. They only stay live for about a week, so get it while it’s hot!

And because I’m SUPER excited and you must SEE IT NOW, here’s the article on it’s own. Mine is #10!

Your Local Journal

So there you have it! Special thanks to Stephanie O’Hanley and Your Local Journal for featuring my work! It really feels amazing to see my little blog out there in the big world. In case I don’t tell you often enough: the readers are what make a blog “tick”, so I really appreciate your support!

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