As anyone who works in an elementary school can tell you, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. The kids are all wired up on sugar and anticipation! It’s like Halloween, only A LOT colder.

This year, I thought it would be fun to get back to my crafting roots and make some DIY Valentine’s Day cards. My mom must have anticipated that I’d be in a crafty mood, because she sent me a bag full of Valentine’s stuff she’d found. In the bag were these awesome wood cut-out hearts that I thought would make perfect stencils.

So I set myself up with some different colours of card stock, some acrylic paint, brushes, and the stencils and went to town!

card5 card6 card7

Once I’d stencilled my hearts onto the smaller pieces of card stock, I pasted them onto the larger, folded cards. I finished them off with bits of leftover ribbon (from my wedding). So everyone who gets one of these cards has a little token of luuurrve. 🙂


It was such a simple, yet relaxing, way to spend an evening. I ended up with A LOT of cards from which to choose. Some I’ve mailed already so I couldn’t show them on the blog, but here are a couple of the finished cards.

card1 card2

Erick says that one looks like a uterus. (There’s a word I never thought I’d use on a DIY blog.) Guess which one he’s getting for Valentine’s Day.

card3 card4

Plus, I thought you guys would get a kick out of seeing how AMAZINGLY well my arrangement from last week’s WIW is holding up. Whoever said that grocery store flowers aren’t good quality was WRONG. And the real kicker? Two out of three bunches of these flowers came from the cast-off bin!!! Take that, Loblaws! I will see your cast-offs and raise you one marvellous bouquet.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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