Yeah, yeah, yeah… I went there. Please don’t judge me too hard. I would be most egg-grieved. 🙂

Easter has always been one of my very favourite holidays. I love the hymns associated with Lent and Easter (“In the Bulb There is a Flower”, “Lift High the Cross”… It doesn’t get better than that!), I love the image of new beginnings, and I love the freshness that comes with this season.

As a child, we always decorated eggs around this time. Each year we would try a different technique: dyeing, painting, colouring… And our finished eggs would end up on our “Easter tree” (a large branch my dad would cut each year and spray-paint white). So, this year I decided to revisit this childhood tradition.

I used the most common method for dyeing eggs: water, vinegar, and food colouring. Here’s the run-down of my tegg-nique: (I know, I know: boo, hiss.)

1. Use a thumbtack to prick a small hole in each end of the egg. Blow the egg out of the shell. (This took me way longer than the actual dyeing part!) Clean off your eggs.


2. Assemble your materials: about 1/2 cup of boiling water, 1 tsp of white vinegar, and whatever food colouring you are using.


3. Once the water boils, turn off the heat, add the vinegar and colouring, and submerge the egg using a wire whisk. This is a lot easier to do if you are using hard-boiled eggs, because the empty shells float (obvi!).

If you are using blown eggs, push them down with a spoon. Note my finely-honed egg-pushing technique. 10/10 from the Russian judge.




4. When you’re happy with the colour of your egg, remove it from the water and let it dry. You’ll need to shake or blow out the water that got into the egg. Word to the wise: do this after the egg has cooled down.






I think you’d agree that the results are egg-cellent! My egg-spectations were most definitely egg-ceeded. I think the egg puns are becoming somewhat eggs-treme. Somebody stop me before you all get eggs-asperated and become eggs-readers.

Please egg-cept my apologies. The puns have run away with me. Whatever: at least I crack myself up. 🙂


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