How to arrange a floral centrepiece | My 100th post!

Champagne all around!

We celebrated my mother’s milestone birthday this weekend with family and friends at a wine-tasting-themed dinner party. On my List of Party Essentials, it hit every number!

  1. Great people – we were so lucky to be surrounded by a group of extraordinary family (and yes, I’m counting the extended family!)
  2. Delicious food – preferably cooked on a BBQ
  3. Fabulous wine – and other fine beverages 😉
  4. Some kind of awesome activity that generates tonnes of laughter – croquet for the WIN!
  5. Music, music, music – preferably of the live and impromptu variety – CHECK!
  6. Decorative touches of some kind – whether it’s a homemade banner or a beautiful floral arrangement, it just adds a little je ne sais quoi. 

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Speaking of floral arrangements…

(I love segues.)

It seemed only fitting that for my 100th post on Flourish & Knot, I would share a flower tutorial. My love for working with flowers is what first got me into blogging, after all! Yes, that’s right: if you look waaaaayyyy back in the F&K archives, you’ll find my that one of my very first posts was a tutorial for this all-white centrepiece.

For my mom’s birthday party, I wanted the tables to have a little extra style, so I arranged a few floral centrepieces. Here’s how you can create your own! (It’s not hard!)

How to arrange a centrepiece - no experience required! |

How to arrange a centrepiece - no experience required! |

I bought all the makings for one large and four small centrepieces at my local Provigo grocery store. All the flowers were being marked down (even though almost every bloom was in perfect shape) so all in all, I spent around $30. Even at full price, $60 for a head table and four small centrepieces would be a pretty sweet deal!

The “recipe” for these arrangements:

1 bunch purple and white alstromeria (6 stems)

1 bunch light purple chrysanthemums

1 bunch dark purple chrysanthemums

1 bunch bright green button chrysanthemums

1 bunch white carnations

I added some stems of spirea greenery (foraged from my garden) for the larger centrepiece

The base of the small arrangements was one stalk of alstromeria. I started out using two, but decided that one was plenty for an arrangement this size.

How to arrange a centrepiece - no experience required! |

Into the “cage” of the alstromeria blooms, I arranged a few focal blooms, making sure to cross the stems in the same direction.

How to arrange a centrepiece - no experience required! |

I built my arrangement from there, working in a circle until I had a rounded bouquet, a bit larger than my vase (in this case a silver creamer).

How to arrange a centrepiece - no experience required! |

I wrapped the stems in florist’s tape, but if you don’t have that to hand you can just use a rubber band. The exception would be if you have a clear vase. In that case, you could cover the tape or the rubber band with a small piece of ribbon.

The last step is to cut the stems to the same length. Always check the height of the stems in the vase! You want the flowers to sit properly in the vase.

Arrangement How-To5

Now, to make the larger centrepiece, I used floral foam (“Oasis”) to anchor my arrangement. I actually started out using the same method as for the little arrangements (which, for all you DIY brides, is pretty much how you make a bouquet!) but it was going to take too many blooms to cover the bowl I’d selected.

If you’d like more in-depth directions for how to create this kind of an arrangement, I encourage you to check out this post or this post.

How to arrange a centrepiece - no experience required! |

One of the most important aspects of creating this kind of arrangement is the first step: the placement of the greenery. I like to start by adding four North-South-East-West pieces of longer, trailing greenery, which you stick into the foam at an upward angle. I follow that with four slightly shorter pieces in a NE-NW-SE-SW position. Then I fill that in a bit before doing the same process to the top of the arrangement. How to arrange a centrepiece - no experience required! |

I add a few focal blooms, especially to the top and sides of my arrangements. Then I begin filling it out!

A gorgeous purple, white, and green DIY arrangement |

A gorgeous purple, white, and green DIY arrangement |

And, just for fun, here’s a shot of how I set the table – I made (well, Erick made) the little place card holders by cutting corks in half and then making a shallow cut down the centre. I love how they turned out!

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DIY wine cork place card holders |

But you know, ultimately, the thing that made this party so great was sharing it with the people we love. The flowers were just a pretty extra. 🙂

So what about you? What are YOUR party essentials? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

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