How to create a cascade bouquet

It’s time to unleash the cascade bouquet from the captivity of the beauty pageant!

Cascade bouquets can be so much more! So today I’m going to show you how you can create your own. Wedding, concert, lounging in your bathrobe… Nothing quite (delicately) shouts “I’m both classy and whimsical” like a cascading bouquet of blooms. They’re truly for every occasion.

This type of bouquet is actually a lot easier to arrange than you might think. It’s basically just two bouquets that you tape together. I kid you not!

Here’s what you’ll need to create your bouquet:

The materials you need to create a cascade bouquet |

  • 5-6 large focal flowers (the white roses)
  • 10-12 stems filler flowers (the pink and purple statice, and the lavender)
  • A variety of greenery in different shades (the silver sage, spirea, and ferns)
  • Floral tape
  • Floral Shears (sharp scissors will do in a pinch)
  • Ribbon
  • Straight pins with decorative (and preferably colour-coordinating) pin heads.
  • Optional: hot glue

Now, florists will usually make this kind of bouquet with floral foam in a handle apparatus, but if you choose your flowers carefully, they will last at least a day. Your “top” bouquet (the main part of the bouquet) can be put in water, so anything that could easily wilt should go there. The cascade portion of the bouquet should be hardier blooms (like the statice) and hardy greenery. (Word to the wise: ferns are not hardy. Learned this the hard way.)

  1. Arrange 3 focal flowers in a triangle, crossing the stems in the same direction, and tape them together.

How to arrange a cascade bouquet |

2. Add a few stems of filler flowers, taping as you go. Try to continue crossing the stems in the same direction, as this helps to control the handling of the bouquet as you arrange; but don’t sweat it too much in this kind of a bouquet!

How to arrange a cascade bouquet |

Cascade Bouquet5

3. Create the basic structure of the cascade part of the bouquet. Remember to keep things asymmetrical! Tape this part together.

Cascade Bouquet2

4. Once you have the basic structure of both parts of the bouquet, tape them together with the top stems down (as you will be holding them) and the cascade stems pointing upwards at the back of the top bouquet. Don’t cut the stems yet!

How to arrange a cascade bouquet |

5. Continue to fill out both the top and cascade parts of the bouquet, building outward in a fan shape. Make sure to alternate your greenery for a varied look.

How to arrange a cascade bouquet |

6. Once you are content with your arrangement, tape everything together solidly. Notice that I left a small section of stem between the two parts? That’s where your ribbon will go (to hide the floral tape).

Cut the stems on the cascade part of the bouquet. (The ones pointing upwards!)

How to arrange a cascade bouquet |

7. Accessorize your bouquet with a beautiful ribbon (or more than one if you like)! Begin by wrapping the floral tape to hide it. Secure the ribbon in the back with a straight pin or hot glue, folding over any rough edges. You can wrap the ribbon around the stems several times.

How to arrange a cascade bouquet |

8. Now here’s the fun part! (If you want to get really fancy, you can use a different colour of ribbon for this part!)

Take a longer, second piece of ribbon and tie it at the base of your first ribbon. Loop both ends around the front of the bouquet and criss-cross them, twisting in the middle. Loop back around and repeat until you reach the top of your first ribbon. Tie the ribbon in a big bow!

You can insert decorative straight pins into the centre of each of the criss-crosses. You can see how to do this in more detail in this post.

How to arrange a cascade bouquet |

9. Trim the stems on the handle of your bouquet to the desired length. Make sure to leave enough that they can be put in water!

A beautiful DIY cascade bouquet tutorial |

Why yes, I did get dressed up to take photos in my garden. And yes, I had a fabulous time. And yes, I need a remote shooter so that I don’t have to run back and forth to the camera every. single. time.

A beautiful DIY cascade bouquet tutorial |

Let’s play spot the pre-makeover rocking chair!

A beautiful DIY cascade bouquet tutorial |

Cascade Bouquet13

Personally, I imagine this bouquet at a Midsummer Night’s Dream-inspired wedding. Cascades of flowers are everything Titania would be looking for in a bouquet.

Another great thing about this type of bouquet is that it is budget-friendly. You need a lot fewer blooms than for a round bouquet like this one, and the greenery really takes a lot of the spotlight.

By the way: to keep the cascade part looking fresh, you can spritz it with some cool water. If I were making this for a wedding, I’d make the two parts of the bouquets and attach them at the very last second.

In case you’d like to create your own, but just need a visual reference:

How to create a beautiful cascade wedding bouquet | flourishandknot

Would YOU ever DIY a bouquet for an event? I swear it’s really not that hard. Leave me a comment and let me know!

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