I hope you enjoyed last week’s first two posts in the Spectacular Summer Blog Hop series! Leslie’s charming summer party printables are on my to-print list, and Hey Fitzy’s crunchy granola recipe may just get a try in this house. Today we’re back, and Dazzle While Frazzled is sharing a simple DIY patriotic banner that my American readers will be sure to love for their upcoming Fourth of July parties! Never fear if you are a reader from elsewhere, because this idea could definitely be used for ANY national holiday by switching up the colours. 🙂 (I may just snag it for our big Canada 150 celebrations this July!)

DIY Patriotic Banner

I have to apologize for the lack of an official Flourish & Knot post last week: I was running like a chicken with my head cut off (there’s an image for you…) helping to get everything ready for my friend’s wedding. Well, it was all worth it because the wedding went beautifully and it was a marvellous weekend. I’ll have a new project for you later this week, once I’ve gotten some sleep! 😉

Spectacular Summer Blog Hop

In each of these teaser-style posts for the Spectacular Summer Blog Hop, I’ll be including some fun trivia about each featured blogger. So, here’s a bit about today’s blogger, Dazzle While Frazzled. 

What is your favourite summer memory? 

We take an annual summer escape every July to Coronado, CA. We look forward to this break from the Arizona heat all year long!

(*Readers please note: this Canadian would happily take some Arizona heat right now.*)

What is your favourite summer drink?

A Mexican Martini, which always brings us back to our days of living in Austin, TX.

Would you rather see the sunrise or sunset?

I love both. But as a morning person, the sunrise is my favourite time of day.

Be sure to catch up on all the SSBH posts below! ↓ 


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