Welcome! I’m Sarah and I write about handmade living here at Flourish & Knot.

Music teacher by day, mad glue-gunner by night, I chronicle my passion for crafting, home and event decor, cooking, sewing, and anything Do-It-Yourself here on Flourish & Knot. I love power tools, long walks in the fabric store, and slowing down for garage sales. You can start your tour of my projects HERE!

I believe that living well comes from the satisfaction of making things with my own two hands, and I’m eager to convert more people to the Ways of the Glue Gun!  I offer my services organizing and leading crafting parties and other creative workshops.

When I’m not teaching, DIYing (or blogging about DIYing) at home near Montreal, you’ll find me spending time with my handy hubby and baby girl, playing fiddle with the Sarah Burnell Band, singing in choirs, inventing new recipes, and watching period dramas.

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