Organizing a wedding, shower, or other large-scale celebration can be complex, time-consuming and expensive! Many choose to go the Do-It-Yourself route, but “DIY wedding” or celebration isn’t always synonymous with “simple”. I can guide you through the planning and creation of handmade elements for your event! Simple floral arrangements, handmade decor, and DIY favours are just some of the areas I can help with.

Choose from many options, including in-person or online consultation (I can help you make your to-do and to-buy lists!), custom tutorial creation, and in-person or online workshops. Going DIY doesn’t have to mean headaches and frustration! Please email me for more information!

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To view some of my DIY floral arrangements and bouquets, please visit my Flower Arrangement Tutorials page. You can see my DIY table settings and other event decor by visiting my Tablescapes page. You can read about the handmade elements I incorporated into my own wedding here!