Here’s the second instalment of my afternoon in Hudson with my hubby, Erick. Remember that none of these are paid write-ups!

So when I left off, we had just finished have a delicious lunch at Les Artisans de Hudson. Bellies  content, we headed across the street to Two Barn Owls/Hibou Décor. When we first walked into their gorgeous premises, here’s the view we took in:


Amazing lobby, no? Erick and I both wanted to wrap it up and take it with us, but we really have no-where to put it.

So the first sign of good things to come was this almost-spooky little reclaimed cabinet display at the entrance to the shop.


I can definitely see that raven painting gracing my buffet around Halloween. Sadly, the strict no-buying policy remained in effect. I love the colour of grey that they chose for the cabinet, too, and I want to make myself some little fabric baskets just like those!

After chatting with the lovely owners/craftswomen who run the shop, I checked out this display of home decor items. I loved everything from the glass and metal display shelf to the reclaimed metal grate lanterns.


Yup, definitely on inspiration overload by this point.

We didn’t buy anything this time around, but I will be back soon, make no mistake!

Our last official stop of the afternoon was in Nova, one of my favourite thrift-store chains here in the west end of Montreal. It was a pretty small location but had lots of great clothes, books and knick-knacks.


So here’s where me and my no-buy policy parted ways (to the tune of a measly $10, so it barely counts). Guess which items came home with me?!


*Cue a hearty “Huzzah!”* These two (one’s hiding behind the other) wooden picture frames have come to live with me. I cannot wait to do some yet-to-be-determined DIY treatment on them!

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