Today I attempted to put up my new spring wreath. When I say “attempted”, I really mean that I froze my butt off (because it’s only 1 degree out today, which – at the time – felt like spring) only to have my fingers get so cold that they fumbled the knot on the hanging ribbon and the whole thing came crashing down at my feet.

At which point, I decided that it was NOT spring, and took the photos indoors.

Behold: my spring wreath!

spring wreath

Note the careful use of white, in keeping with the “look” of my current landscaping:

bare branches dirty snow

I call it “Bare Branches, Dirty Snow”. I’m expecting a call from National Geographic any day.

Kidding aside, I think my wreath turned out pretty well.  I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to actually hang on my door!

It was SUPER simple to create. I already had the grapevine wreath, left over from last year’s spring wreath.

wreath starting

I tried out a couple of combinations before finally settling on the green and white theme. If I am completely honest, I was still smarting a bit from last year’s wreath failure (in which my combination of greenery and red silk peonies made for a somewhat Christmassy feel – to the point where the neighbour’s kid asked me why I still had a Christmas wreath up in July – point taken).  So, I was pretty determined that this year’s effort be light and airy and NOT Christmassy.

First I thought I’d go with a funky green and white ribbon, plus the “B” (which – conveniently – is the initial for both our last names). But I really wasn’t feeling it.


Then I considered going with a pink ribbon and flower, which was pretty, but a little too girly. wreath2

But then out of the corner of my eye I spied the super-sweet little paper flower I snagged at a wedding recently (such a cool wedding!) and thought that would look really lovely. ALL the floral details at this wedding were made out of PAPER. And most of it came from recycled copies of Jane Austen novels. How awesome is that?!


Then I remembered that I had some little white paper flowers left over from my travels in Mexico. Hooray for the zero-cost craft project!

So out came the glue gun and I got to work creating the wreath. You guys are intelligent human beings, so I won’t bore you with the gory details. Basically, glue on the greenery, position and glue on the “B” (or whatever your focal decoration is), and then go to town with the flowers. As we say, it is “simple comme ‘bonjour'”!

spring wreath

Here’s hoping it will warm up enough for me to actually take pictures of it in situ. Have a great week, all!

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