They say that the first step towards progress is admitting you have a problem, right? Well, I’m Sarah and I LOVE flowers. Flowers of all kinds! The more, the brighter, the ruffly-er, the better! But I definitely don’t have any plans to ditch this particular addiction; so, when I heard about Afloral‘s gorgeous silk blooms I saw an opportunity to expand my knowledge of flowers past fresh-cut. At first I was unsure of what the outcome would be… when you say “silk flowers”, what often springs to mind are dusty, faded, hotel lobby arrangements.  I am so happy to report that Afloral’s flowers are NOTHING like that! Let me show you how I used them to create romantic, garden-style DIY hair accessories and wedding details. 

The silk flowers used in this post were generously provided by Afloral. All opinions remain my own. For more information on sponsored posts, please see my policies. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Flourish & Knot possible!

If you are looking for more floral inspiration, you can find my portfolio HERE

To create the floral hair combs, I tried out a few different techniques, including wiring and glueing the flowers. I settled on sewing them for two reasons: 1) the finished product was lighter (which works so much better if you have thinner hair) and 2) no picky wire ends to poke you in your beautifully-coiffed head!

To make your floral comb, you’ll need:

  • Silk flowers and greenery – Afloral has a stunning selection in every colour and varietal imaginable!
  • Plastic or wire hair comb
  • Stiff fabric, stiffening canvas fabric, or needlepoint mesh
  • Pencil and scissors
  • Needle and thread (in a colour that will blend in with your flowers)

Here’s how to make your DIY hair accessory:

  1. Measure and mark the length of your comb on the fabric. Mark the desired height and width of the decorations. Make sure not to make it too big or it won’t hold its shape under the weight of the flowers! Cut out an oval in roughly the desired size of the floral decoration.
  2. Securely sew on some greenery. This will act as part of the base of your decoration. Make sure to stitch on the stems very securely, and check that they are not loose. 
  3. Begin adding some filler flowers to your comb. I used sweet peas for their ruffly texture. 

4. add a few more filler flowers, sewing them on securely. If your flowers don’t have a stem, or you want the blooms facing “up”, you can cut the stems off and sew directly through the flower, hiding your stitches amongst the petals.

5. Add your main focal bloom – in my case, a white gardenia (so pretty!) – and stitch it on securely. Check that all your stitches and knots are secure. 

6. Stitch your floral decoration to the comb, stitching around each prong and into the fabric. Once you’ve sewn the length of the comb, double-back diagonally for extra security.

I enjoyed making a few other wedding accessories with Afloral’s lovely silk blooms, including a gardenia and sweet pea corsage (perfect for prom, too!), and a boutonniere with a faux Scottish thistle and white ranunculus (to co-ordinate with the hair comb). If you’d like more tips on creating corsages and boutonnieres, you can check out this post

I used a gorgeous burgundy silk clematis and some faux rosemary to create a simpler, slightly more modern-feeling comb. I set off the clematis with a white sweet pea. 

I’m soooo excited to actually be wearing this next comb in my friend’s wedding in ten days! I made it using a big pink silk anemone, some greenery, and some peachy-pink ranunculus. 

DIY Silk Anemone and Ranunculus Hair Comb | DIY Silk Floral Hair Comb | DIY Hair Accessories | DIY Wedding Comb

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DIY Silk Floral Accessories | DIY Silk Floral Hair Comb | DIY Hair Accessories | DIY Wedding Comb | Silk Corsage and Boutonniere

Thanks again to Afloral for providing me with the beautiful flowers for these DIY hair accessories, corsages, and boutonnieres. I will be showing off some other creations made with their flowers over the summer, and I hope you’ll consider checking out their site if you are in the market for silk flowers. They really carry every flower possible, and for all seasons and types of projects. They also carry a gorgeous line of home decor, vases, and floral arranging accessories. I say this in total honesty (and not just because they provided me some lovely product to play with), but the quality and service are top-notch! Delivery was incredibly fast, the product was even better in person than on their site, and my exchanges with their sales team were so pleasant. I highly recommend them!

Are you creating anything over the weekend? I have some projects to finish up in time for my friend’s wedding next weekend, but I also plan to get out into my garden. Have a lovely, sunny weekend, all! 

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