Frequently Asked Questions



What’s your process?

First things first, HELLO! To get the ball rolling on booking your wedding or event florals, the first step is to fill out my INQUIRY FORM. You’ll be able to book your consultation where we’ll chat in more depth about your vision.

I’ll follow up with a custom design proposal, and if you like what you hear, we’ll move to a contract and retainer! One thing off your to-do list. 🙂 (And yes, I offer payment plans.)

I’m not a drop-and-go kind of florist. As your planning evolves, I will check in to make tweaks as needed. On the day of, my team and I will take care of every floral detail, right down to the last petal. 



I don’t have a big budget! What can I do for less than $1000? 

Thought Flourish & Knot is typically a full-service floral design studio, I am sometimes able to accommodate personals-only orders of less than $1000 (so, bouquets, boutonnières, posies, corsages, etc.). 


Why do I need to do a consultation? Why can’t you just send me a quote by email? 

Everything I create is custom, so a consultation is essential. We need to know if we are a good fit, mutually, and if your vision will jive well with my design style. I want to know so much more about your wedding than fits in a simple inquiry form: style, vibe, palette are just some of the details we will talk about before we get to the quote stage. 


Can you copy this exact bouquet from Pinterest?

While I would never copy another floral artist’s work, I do work closely with my clients to ensure that I capture the essence of their personality, style, and palette. You will get a bouquet that is SO MUCH BETTER than what you pinned because it will be unique to YOU. 


Why do wedding flowers cost so much? 

There are so many factors that go into the cost of wedding florals. They are perishable, they are costly up-front, they are seasonal and subject to Mother Nature’s whims, they are time-consuming to create and require expertise and A LOT of labour, and most of all, they are ART. Your wedding florals are an investment that will be photographed and remembered long after your guests have gone home. They create a sensory experience for you and your guests, and they put your unique stamp on your day!


Do you do flat-lay foliage?

Yes and no. 

The Internet loves this look, but I need to let you in on some pretty important secrets. First of all, you need A LOT of foliage for this to look good. Most pictures of this type of design are taken close-up, which makes it look fuller than it really is. Secondly, you can’t use just any old foliage for this. You need something three-dimensional and beautiful so that it won’t look a) cheap and b) flat. This cost A LOT. Third, this look requires A LOT of on-site time to actually look good AND one false move on the catering staff’s part and the whole thing looks like… well… you know.

If you LOVE this look, then let’s talk about how we can achieve it beautifully. If you want to be budget-conscious, let’s find some other solutions!