Cottage-Inspired (mini) Deck Makeover | Colourful Vintage Cottage Style

Vintage Cottage Style | Cottage-Inspired Mini Deck Makeover | Milkshakes n Sunshine Fabric | Flourish & Knot

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful, glimmering lake surrounded by towering green pines to say “summer”. Throughout most of my childhood, we spent many summer days at a good friend’s cottage in Ontario and they are some of my happiest memories. It’s no wonder, then, that when the time came to give our deck a little refresh, I pulled inspiration from vintage cottage style! We knew that this would be the summer the deck got repainted, so I jumped at the chance to add some new decorative touches to the space. I was thrilled to partner with Milkshakes ‘n Sunshine Fabrics to create some charming fabric accents for our newly re-painted deck. The best part is that we will get to enjoy them out on the deck for years to come!

Vintage Cottage Style | Cottage-Inspired Mini Deck Makeover | Milkshakes n Sunshine Fabric | Flourish & Knot Fabric used in this post was provided by Milkshakes ‘n Sunshine Fabrics. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see my policies. Thank you for supporting the brands that partner with Flourish & Knot. 

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Light & Easy Pasta (Quick Meal Idea!) | Spectacular Summer Blog Hop #15

Light & Easy Parmesan Pasta | Quick Meal Idea

My friends and family know that I LOVE pasta. (Honestly: who doesn’t?) So when I saw today’s Spectacular Summer Blog Hop post by Hey Fitzy, I was really looking forward to sharing it with all of you! Since I’ll be headed back to teaching this fall after my maternity leave ends, we’ll be on the lookout for new, quick week-night meals we can make that will help everyone stay sane (and fed). What a timely post! Hey Fitzy’s light & easy parmesan pasta will definitely please adults and kids alike. Our little girl loves pasta, so I’ll definitely be trying out this recipe. 

Light & Easy Parmesan Pasta | Quick Meal Idea

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Watermelon Mojitos! | Spectacular Summer Blog Hop #13

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another Spectacular Summer Blog Hop post, this time from Sue of A Purdy Little House. She has the most incredible-sounding recipe for Watermelon Mojitos, including a kid-friendly, non-alcoholic version. Now that the sun seems to be making it’s return (we’ve reached a recording-breaking number of rainy days this summer), I’m ready for a drink like this that I can sip beside our little pool. 

Look at those fresh limes and that dark green mint! And all that yummy watermelon… I’m off to the grocery store to pick up the supplies as soon as I can!