Organizing Your Child’s Room | Spectacular Summer Blog Hop #16

Today’s Spectacular Summer Blog Hop post is timely for two reasons: one, our little girl had her first birthday, which means that her room’s needs are changing, and two, it’s raining again so I have nothing better to do than organize her room. Luckily, Amy from Health, Home and Heart has some really useful tips for organizing a little kid’s room to make it efficient and lovely both for the parents and the child. 

I especially love her tips about organizing and storing books! Our little girl LOVES to “read” and be read to, so having her books easily accessible is a top priority as her room evolves with her. It’ll also be good when she’s old enough to start tidying up her toys and books. (When will that be, exactly??)

(Also there’s a super pretty lace teepee you should see…)

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Light & Easy Pasta (Quick Meal Idea!) | Spectacular Summer Blog Hop #15

Light & Easy Parmesan Pasta | Quick Meal Idea

My friends and family know that I LOVE pasta. (Honestly: who doesn’t?) So when I saw today’s Spectacular Summer Blog Hop post by Hey Fitzy, I was really looking forward to sharing it with all of you! Since I’ll be headed back to teaching this fall after my maternity leave ends, we’ll be on the lookout for new, quick week-night meals we can make that will help everyone stay sane (and fed). What a timely post! Hey Fitzy’s light & easy parmesan pasta will definitely please adults and kids alike. Our little girl loves pasta, so I’ll definitely be trying out this recipe. 

Light & Easy Parmesan Pasta | Quick Meal Idea

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Gummy Bear Popsicles | Spectacular Summer Blog Hop #14

Gummy bear popsicles. I’l just give you a moment to let that sink in. 

GUMMY BEAR POPSICLES!!!!!!! Today’s post from the Spectacular Summer Blog Hop is, without a doubt, one of the very coolest so far (sorry, everyone – you just can’t compete with candy-packed popsicles). And not just cool because it’s a frozen treat recipe either! These homemade popsicles have GUMMY BEARS in them. I’m done. Seriously. Janine from Confessions of a Mommyaholic killed it. 

I really have nothing else of value to add to this, other than you need to get your little tushy over to Janine’s blog and find out how to make your own gummy bear popsicles. Personally, I’ll be picking up a package of sour patch kids and putting my own super-sour twist on them. Right now. I’m at the store.