Planning a Garden in Colder Climates (AKA Gardening in the Great White North)

If you live in Canada (or anywhere where spring has just arrived), this post is for YOU! Today I’m talking directly to all the gardeners for whom gardening season has only *just* begun. We’re pretty much still looking at bare lawn patches (maybe with a hint of green), eager (and possibly foolhardy) bright-green shoots, and the hardiest of spring-blooming bulbs. But take heart! Because this is the perfect time to be planning a garden and preparing for the growing season.

How to Plan a Garden in Colder Climates | Planning a Garden | Spring Garden Planning | Gardening in Colder Zones

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Painted Geometric DIY Flower Pots | There for the Making: Earth Day!

DIY flower pots | There for the Making | Earth Day Project | Painted Geometric Flower Pots

Today I’m getting up on my soapbox to talk about two things that make me tick: budget-friendly projects and environmentalism! Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22nd, and I am so excited to share an eco-friendly project with you. It also happens to be the second edition of There for the Making, my new zero-dollar, no-spend DIY challenge! We can do so much for our planet by reusing what we have, shopping our own closets and storage before driving to the store to buy MORE, and repurposing things that would otherwise end up in a landfill. This month’s challenge was all about getting into the spirit of reducing, reusing, and recycling, so I took three mismatched old pots and gave them a cool new look. Let me show you how I breathed new life into my DIY flower pots!

DIY flower pots | There for the Making | Earth Day Project | Painted Geometric Flower Pots

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How to Arrange Flowers in a Vase (Without Floral Foam!)

Buy flowers. Put in vase. JUST KIDDING! Arranging flowers without floral foam isn’t *quite* that simple, although it really is easier than it looks. Today I’m going to teach you how to arrange flowers using just a vase and a floral grid. You’ll be creating a gorgeous centrepiece for your spring table or arrangement for your buffet in no time! (You can even just pick up a bouquet from the grocery store!)

This arranging style doesn’t use any of the toxic floral foam (like Oasis) that is so common in the floral industry. Floral foam is really useful in certain situations (if you have to move your arrangement – like for a wedding – or if you want it to last for ages without needing to change water – like if you send flowers to a hospital or retirement home), but it certainly isn’t the best option, environmentally-speaking.

Let’s create a beautiful spring floral arrangement to get your table all set for guests!

DIY flowers | Spring floral arrangement | How to arrange flowers in a vase (without floral foam!) | DIY flowers in purple and green

How to Arrange Flowers (without the toxic floral foam!)

Arrangement “Recipe”

  • 5-7 stems of greenery (I used 3 stems of salal leaf and 2 stems of regular ruscus)
  • 3-4 stems of alstroemeria (also known as peruvian lily – I kept these sprays intact for this arangement)
  • 5-7 tulips
  • 8-9 stems of mums (these are spray flowers – they have multiple blooms on each stem – so you don’t need 8-9 sprays, just 3-4 – I call these “filler”)
  • 7-9 button mums (same deal as with the regular mums – they are a spray flower – I call these the “fun filler”)
  • 3-4 stems ornito (what I call the “spiky blooms”)

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