5 Days, 5 Bags Decluttering Challenge!

5 Days, 5 Bags Decluttering Challenge | Get rid of junk! | flourishandknot.com

On your mark – get set – DECLUTTER! When the new year rolled around, one of the top priorities on my to-do list was to get rid of some of our extraneous junk. I definitely inherited my grandmother’s penchant for “keeping things for a rainy day” (read: hoarding stuff for years on end). I am also most certainly guilty of keeping things for “sentimental reasons” that ought not to be kept (do I really need four programmes from my first dance recital?). As I was working through the major problem spots in our house, I thought: wouldn’t it be great to include my Flourish & Knot readers in this? And so the 5 Days, 5 Bags Decluttering Challenge was born! I hope you’ll join me in de-junking your home.

5 Days, 5 Bags Decluttering Challenge | Get rid of junk! | flourishandknot.com

I know that we’re all busy: we’ve got families, jobs, activities, and not a lot of time to commit to a long or overly-complicated internet challenge. This is why I decided to make my decluttering challenge just FIVE days! A whole lot can be accomplished in under a week, I think.

The best part? It’s FREE!

All you need to do is sign up with the form below and you’ll get my daily challenge emails (no more than a week’s worth – no spam here!) delivered directly to your inbox. You can follow along in real time, or start the challenge on a day that suits you. Whatever works, as long as you are committed to getting rid of some STUFF!

I don’t want to give away too much – there’s gotta be a reason for you to sign up, right? – but each day you’ll receive a few quick and simple instructions, along with the problem spot you’ll be decluttering. I’ve got checklists for you so that you can accomplish maximum decluttering in minimum time.

The challenge starts MONDAY, JANUARY 23rd. Join me in starting the year with a whole lot less clutter and junk!

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DIY Fabric-Covered Storage Box | Destash Challenge

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First DIY of 2017! Woohoo! In the spirit of getting the year off on the right foot, I committed to creating more with what I already own; so, when Megan of C’mon Get Crafty invited a bunch of bloggers to participate in a “de-stash” crafting challenge, I knew it was the perfect way to start 2017. We seem to have a plethora of diaper boxes lying around these days (hmm, I wonder why?), so I thought I’d work on culling my crapload COLLECTION of fabric. With just fabric, glue, ribbon, and my mathematical prowess (HA!), I made a gorgeous DIY fabric-covered storage box.

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Blog goals for 2017 | Handmade living goals | flourishandknot.com

2017 is going to be full of some very exciting (and as-yet-unknown!) developments for me personally and professionally. I’m currently on maternity leave, which will end in June, so I will be returning to teaching in the fall. Before that, we have some family adventures planned, along with lots of DIY!

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