Anniversary weekend: the important stuff

One year ago today, I married the kindest, most intelligent and creative man I could have ever have imagined I would have the privilege of spending my life with.

2013-07-27 16-19-53-6AQH

2013-07-27 16-41-32-1ALR

One year of marriage has taught me more than I could have thought possible. I’ve learned to see things from the perspective of “us”, and not just “me”. I’ve learned the importance of setting aside time to develop our relationship. I’m learning (with varying degrees of success) to draw a line between our couple space and extended family space. I’m learning to be more loving, more patient, more thoughtful. Heck, I’m even learning to fight fairly! 🙂 In truth, I’m striving – day by day – to become a better partner to my husband. I thank God that he chose me as his partner and that he, too, strives to be a better husband every day.

Marriage is not something that should be undertaken lightly. While our first year has been truly blessed (a new home, many wonderful family events, exciting travels, relative financial stability), I know that not all years will be like this. It seems to me to be about choices: choosing to love your partner every day, even when just getting out of bed seems like an impossible task; choosing to love them for the person they are and not who you would like them to be; choosing to better yourself for the best of your relationship; choosing to love in a world full of frustration and anger.

For me, it’s pretty simple, really: I choose him. Whatever that means for my future, I choose him.

xo happy anniversary, my love

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Our hand-made wedding

I’ve talked about my husband, Erick, many times in this blog but I’ve never told the story of how he became my partner in crime life. We met just over five years ago, only two days after he had arrived in here from Mexico. Knowing that he is a musician, a mutual friend brought him to “meet some nice people” at choir practice. As a conductor, I was doubly thrilled to meet him. First of all, he’s pretty darn good looking. Second of all, we never turn down male singers because they are the majestic unicorns of the choral world.

Our paths led us us our separate ways the following year, but by the summer of 2010 we’d gotten back in touch. Our first date wasn’t even supposed to be a date, but we ended up at Hurley’s pub in downtown Montreal, singing along to the band Solstice’s rendition of “Wild Mountain Thyme”. Our eyes locked and, as they say, the rest is history.


When it came time to plan our wedding, we knew that we were going the DIY route for two reasons. One, we did not have an unlimited budget and two, we like being crafty and we’re pretty good at organizing events. We knew we’d need lots of help, and were very lucky to have my mother, our extended family, and many friends who were eager to help us out.

Continue down the aisle

It’s wedding (anniversary) weekend!

It’s our first wedding anniversary on Sunday! YEEEEEEEEEEAAAYYYYYY! (That’s pronounced /jiej/ for anyone needing the IPA transcription.) This weekend is a special event on the blog, because I’ll be posting not once, not twice, but THREE times! Since I wasn’t blogging at the time of our actual wedding, I’ll be getting my wedding blogging jollies this weekend. (But before you judged me, I’ve actually pre-written all these posts and am spending the weekend with my husband.)

I thought we could get this party started by doing a little meet-and-greet with the players of July 27th, 2013. All the photos in this post are by Ryan Lindsey. 

Erick’s side of the proceedings included his best man and brother, Andres, his groomsman and close friend, Graham, and our ring bearer and awesome cousin, Zephyr.

2013-07-27 13-00-35-1AAP

2013-07-27 12-36-13-1AAJ

2013-07-28 00-10-08-6AAA

Graham also served as emcee for the reception. As you can see, he gave this job his full and undivided attention. 😉

2013-07-28 00-20-45-6AAM

Erick’s two beautiful sisters, Maricarmen and Irene, were bridesmaids, along with my best friend, Annie. My other best friend, Alana, was the most fantastic maid of honour I could have asked for.

2013-07-27 15-22-51-6AGD

2013-07-27 15-20-09-6AFM

2013-07-27 15-58-26-1AEX

2013-07-27 16-01-09-1AGC

My cute-as-a-button flower girl was Zephyr’s younger sister, Flora.

2013-07-27 14-23-52-6ACQ

Our parents played a huge role in our wedding day. They all participated in special ways during the ceremony itself, and they gave beautiful toasts at the reception. It was a day filled with the love of our family!

2013-07-27 14-47-03-6AEA

2013-07-27 16-17-14-1AJT

2013-07-27 16-24-15-1AKL

2013-07-27 16-46-50-1AMR

The entire day was a family tour-de-force! I’ll have more details on how everyone contributed their talents in an upcoming post, but here are a few more family (and friends-who-might-as-well-be-family) photos from the day.

2013-07-27 16-51-19-1ANN

2013-07-27 17-47-22-1ASZ

2013-07-27 17-48-35-1ATH

2013-07-27 23-07-42-6BWN

2013-07-27 19-43-10-1AWV

2013-07-27 15-48-17-6ALT

2013-07-27 23-08-06-6BWR

2013-07-27 22-45-24-6BPZ

I’ll be back tomorrow with more!

How was your family involved in your wedding? Leave a comment below!