Guest Post: DIY ink-blot artwork

DIY Inkblot Artwork

Hey fellow flourishers (I think that’s your new name)! I’m thrilled to introduce the first of what I hope will be many wonderful guest posts. This one is by my friend Annie, who you’ll remember from this post. She did some really great DIY artwork recently and she agreed to write up the step-by-step instructions to recreate it at home.


I couple months ago, I was feeling sad about the bare walls in my apartment. I love art a lot, but cash is tight and I have expensive taste. I decided that I wanted to make some paintings to occupy the space until I could afford the good stuff. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday and all the good craft supply stores were closed. Not to be deterred, I decided to experiment with some of the materials I had on hand… like food colouring.

First, I painted a small dessert plate with diluted gel food colour.


Once I’d achieved a cool enough pattern, I took a piece of watercolour paper, lined the middle of it up with the plate, and smacked it right down there!

The result looks like this:


Cool right? I made a few of these babies so I could hang them up as a series.


To finish each piece off, I signed it , and gave it a print number (you know, to make it look professional).


I found some inexpensive frames at my local dollar store and stuck the prints inside once they dried.


The whole process start to finish took about 30 minutes and everyone who passes through my door compliments them (ha! If only they knew!). You can replicate this with any watery paint. You can even layer colours and patterns if you want. It’s honestly a pretty foolproof process.
Happy crafting guys!

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Putting the moves on our bedroom update!

Our bedroom was pretty sad-looking when we first moved in. Exhibit A:


Note the particularly horrible boxspring-camel-toe and the fondue-parmesan wall colour. Also note that these photos were taken in full-on, mid-day sun. Oppressive.

Exhibit B:


Admittedly, I did little to “help” these photos at all. The kleenex box stayed right where it usually is, and I didn’t so much as pass a helping hand over the creases in our duvet.

So, one sunny Saturday afternoon in January, Erick and I decided to do something about it. Off we went to Canadian Tire, full of dreams of a blue, grey, and white haven.

We already owned a beautiful duvet cover and matching pillows, so we started with a pretty set colour palette. It was “Marrakech” from Linen Chest, and we bought it about 2 years ago. We also had two really lovely cobalt-blue glass lamps from Pier 1 and a co-ordinating lamp from Ikea.

We chose “Blue Silk” by CIL, which is in their “mellow and comforting” line. We liked that it had grey overtones to it, but was still distinctly blue. Because we had a gift certificate, the paint and supplies set us back about $100. Pricey, but we needed to buy things like new rollers, an extendable roller arm, brushes, painter’s tape, etc.

It took us about three weeks to complete the project, because we both work full-time during the day. To be honest, there were days when we were both too tired to even lift a paintbrush! One of the most time-consuming jobs was painting the two doors (there’s one to the hall and one to the master bathroom) and the trim. We hadn’t really realized that the ceiling and trim were SO beige until we primed the walls white. So that added some time to the project, too.

I sewed  curtains using faux-silk fabric left over from one of our DIY wedding projects, and we bought the blind from Home Depot. (We bought one for the guest room at the same time, and used another gift certificate, so the two blinds cost us about $60.) We also bought a bedskirt from Linen Chest, using the last of our wedding registry gift cards. The jury is out as to whether it is as “wrinkle-proof” as the salesgirl advertised. Hm.

So, without further ado, here is the “after”! Drumroll, please………………..


Collective sigh of relief!


Sorry for the grainy-ness of that last photo. I couldn’t seem to get a decent shot.


And I forgot to straighten the bedskirt… again.



It is by no means finished (I’ll have a list of future updates coming soon), but it is certainly a huge improvement. It’s pretty amazing what a little paint and a lot of hours can do!

You can leave me a comment and fill me in on any painting quick-fixes going on in your home!

Home is where the heart (craft) is

DIY paintchip heart

This project is something I made during one of my “crafternoons” with my best friend, Annie. I was inspired by this pin, though mine was on a smaller scale and in a different palette.

heart closer

I used materials I had lying around the house:

– A small square canvas

– Blue and white paint chips & cardstock

– Aleene’s Tacky Glue + toothpick for application

– Heart-shaped paper punch

Basically, all you need to do is:

1. Lightly trace whatever shape you’re creating onto your canvas.

2. Spend what feels like hours punching out little hearts (or whatever shape of punch you have) in gradient shades of a colour (I chose blue).

3. Fold the little heart in half and then glue ’em down.

heart close-up

If I were to go back and do this craft again,  I would definitely start blending the shades a bit more. I love the middle section, but I wish I could re-do the bottom bit. Oh well. It still looks nice and cost me 0$! And I had a great gab with Annie while I was making it, so not bad for an afternoon (crafternoon)!

heart on dresser

So let’s hear about your paint-chip projects. Any keepers out there?