To celebrate the (much-needed) arrival of spring, I treated myself to a little spree at my local Rona, and put together my planters for this year. In case you missed last year’s planter makeover extravaganza, you can catch up here. These purple-blue salvia caught my eye and the rest just came together in a whirlwind of glorious plant shopping! Beautiful container garden design is something I really strive for, and such a joy to work on! I just love having pots of gorgeous blooms on our deck or front step. 

I guess Mother Nature felt guilty about jerking us around this winter, because spring summer arrived in all its glory this month! Now that I’ve gone and written that, I’ve probably jinxed it and we’ll get a snowstorm tomorrow.

Purple-blue salvia with coral petunias

They (whoever « they » are) are always talking about planters needing the « thriller » (the tall centre stuff), the « filler » (the frilly stuff), and the « spiller » (the stuff that spills over the sides). I made sure to cover each of those elements when choosing my plants. Here’s what I used in each planter:

2 purple-blue salvia (thriller!)

2 white impatiens (filler)

2 coral petunias (filler-spiller)

2 creeping jenny (spiller) – this can be split up, so you don’t need to buy 2 plants per planter!

I followed the same steps for putting together my planters as I did last year. Basically, I put a layer of small rocks into the bottom of each planter, then I put a thick layer of newspaper over the rocks. I partially filled each planter with earth and then placed my plants. Once I’d decided on the layout, I filled in the gaps with earth. Simple comme bonjour!

Blue, coral, white and green planter

Blue, coral, white and green planter

Coral petunias, creeping jenny, blue salvia, and white impatiens

These planters just make me smile every time I look at them. I think the creeping jenny is my favourite part, though. I find its vivid green so charming combined with the dark leaves of the impatiens and salvia.

I cannot wait to get a move on the rest of my deck-or for this spring and summer! I’ve started pulling a few elements together, including filling those three-tiered Ikea planters (which housed my herbs last year). By the way, if you are looking to up the ante on your flower pots this year, I have a great, easy-to-pull-off flower pot makeover for you!

Blue salvia

I also drove a ridiculous distance to track down some new cushions for my deck chairs. But that is a story for another day. In the meantime, I want to wish you all a beautiful long weekend. I will be spending some quality time with the people I love, celebrating my grandmother’s birthday. xo

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