I have been working like a house elf around here, trying to get all of my master bathroom makeover projects done in time for next week’s big REVEAL! Since this week marks the end of week five of the One Room Challenge (a six-week decorating challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home), I thought I’d share five things that I’ve learned in the past five weeks.

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(*And yes, this is the second week a Harry Potter reference has made it into my ORC post. Maybe because I wish I could just magic this all to completion?*)

5 Things I've Learned in 5 Weeks (of making over my bathroom for the One Room Challenge!) | flourishandknot.com

1. Measure once, and measure twice, and measure once again… Because that extra trip to and from the hardware store to return things that don’t fit is really the most annoying thing on the planet. #BloggerWalkofShame

2. Spray paint is a wondrous substance. Possibly invented by Albus Dumbledore? Is it the 13th use of dragon’s blood? I think so. But do be sure to read the instructions on the paint can carefully. If it says shake vigorously for 2-3 minutes THEY MEAN 3 MINUTES!

3. Your spouse’s opinion is the trump card. Sorry, dear readers: he has to live here and, well, you don’t. If he doesn’t like it, no amount of gentle prodding from the Blogosphere will change his mind. 🙂 Which doesn’t mean that your wonderful and supportive comments and suggestions aren’t a HUGE help to us! In fact, they’ve prompted some changes and tweaks already.

4. Stay on budget as much as possible. If you set aside $300 for the entire makeover, do your very best to stick to it. Yes, that $400 light fixture probably would look gorgeous. But it’s no good to you when you can’t turn on the lights because you didn’t have the $$$ to pay the hydro bill! 🙂

(And yes: you got a sneak peek of the light I chose! Here it is again!)

Lighting for my One Room Challenge bathroom makeover | flourishandknot.com

5. Take heart: it’s almost never as bad as you think. Last week I was in the depths of despair about my hardware choices for the vanity. Well you know what? I really shouldn’t have gotten myself all worked up, because I think it’s looking pretty nice right now! It takes time for a room to come together, and there’s almost always a way to balance things out.

So now for the skinny on what we’ve accomplish this week, and what remains to be done in the coming days.

Master Bathroom To-Do List!

  • Prep walls for painting
  • Prime walls and doors (Free – thanks mom and dad!)
  • Paint ceiling white (Free)
  • Paint walls and doors Ben Moore’s “Pink Damask”
  • Buy shower curtain
  • Buy hand towels
  • Buy bath mat
  • Make towel hooks (STILL ALMOST DONE!)
  • Spray paint or replace hand towel rack
  • Replace curtain rod
  • Frame out mirror
  • Paint frame!
  • Paint vanity
  • Install new vanity hardware
  • Paint inside of linen cupboard
  • Line shelves of linen cupboard
  • Organize linen cupboard
  • Organize vanity
  • Accessories
  • Hang art (we have it all framed and ready to go!)
  • Buy and install new light fixture ($50)

We’re nearly there! I really hope you come back for next week’s BIG FAT REVEAL POST!!!!

(Can you tell I’m excited?)

I really, really encourage you to check out the other bloggers participating in the ORC. There is some major inspiration to be had! You can find them here.

So what about you? What’s the Top Tip you’ve learned from renovating or decorating? Got some sage advice? Enlighten us in the comments below!