How to sew a table runner

One night a few weeks ago, in the midst of preparing school concerts, I decided that I needed to do something, anything, unrelated to music. I love music. It’s kinda my life and all. But I just needed an escape from beginner-violin-meets-beginner-trombone. You know what I mean?

So I whipped out my trusty sewing machine and got to work making a simple table runner for our deck. I wanted something that would be, as they say, “polyvalente”: not too formal but nice enough to dress up.

You saw my handiwork in situ in this post about my summery table setting! In case you’ve forgotten how very marvellous it looked… Summery table styling |

But what you see there started life in my mother’s fabric stash as simply two pieces of leftover fabric. In just a couple of hours (and let’s face it: I say “hours” because I spent some quality time with my seam-ripper at one point), I turned it into a sweet and stylish runner. Here’s how to make one for yourself! How to sew a simple table runner |

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The Great Blog Train | Spotlight on L’Ile Perrot

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers! I’m so pleased to be co-hosting this month’s Great Blog Train, a special monthly link party with a travel theme. This month, the Great Blog Train is stopping in my town: L’Ile Perrot, Quebec!

Scroll down to check out my spotlight feature of L’Ile Perrot, along with the Blog Train link-up (of course!) and a giveaway!

Ile Perrot6

The Great Blog Train by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo BlogTrainDestination_zps2925d251.jpg

Flourish & Knot
To all our Canadian Travelers:Canada Day by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo Canada_zpscdb52d09.jpg
Canada is 148 years old today!
The Great Blog Train
A monthly blog hop departing from your online train station on the first Wednesday of every month!

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Let them eat Chocolate Domingo Cake

Marie Antoinette may have been a lacklustre stateswoman, but she had the right idea about baked goods. This cake is so delicious that you will be coming back for seconds thirds fourths!

Now, those who know me know that I’m not much for baking. I love to cook, but my interest in baking lies primality in the eating. My friend Annie, on the other hand, is the baking queen. So I jumped at her offer to help bake (and by “help” I mean “completely direct the making of”) a cake with which to photograph my rustic wedding cake topper.

How to make a beautiful, rustic wedding cake topper | by

Chocolate Domingo Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and Almond Praline| A rustic DIY cake topper | How-to by

We settled on a recipe from Rose Levy Beranbaum, the goddess of baking and author of The Cake Bible. It is a recipe dedicated to tenor Placido Domingo (my favourite of the three tenors… go ahead and debate that one in the comments if you’d like), so since Annie and I are both singers, it was a perfect choice!

Chocolate Domingo Cake

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Together on Tuesdays Link Party

Well, folks, this is my third (and final) week of co-hosting the Together on Tuesdays link party. I want to say a big thank-you to Lisa at Chronically Content for inviting me to co-host. It’s been a great experience and it allowed me to dip my big toe in the link party pond. I’m really looking forward to co-hosting some more link parties soon! It’s also made me consider migrating my blog over to a self-hosted platform… Things to ponder.

In case you missed yesterday’s post, have a look at my rustic wedding cake topper!

How to make a rustic wedding cake topper | by

Last week I posted my recipe for Strawberry Zing! Frozen Yogurt, and about starting the #EarnestChallenge:

Strawberry Zing! Frozen Yogurt  DSC_1643

And now… on to the link party!

Together on Tuesdays #44

Image SEO Together Tuesdays #44

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Birds of a feather | A rustic wedding cake topper

They say that it’s the journey that counts, not the destination. Well, this is one project whose journey had some serious bumps in the road. But then again, Shakespeare did say: “all’s well that ends well.”

How to make a rustic wedding cake topper | by

Patience Brewster, a company that creates whimsical hand-made and hand-painted ornaments and figurines, approached me with the inspiration for this cake topper project*. I was so pleased to be asked, as their aesthetic and vision is very much in keeping with what Flourish & Knot is all about: hand-crafted, creative, fun. I took a good look at their ornaments, and settled upon this charmer:

Two Turtle Doves Ornament from Patience Brewster

Photo courtesy of Patience Brewster

It’s the two turtle doves from the Twelve Days of Christmas! Not only is that carol one of my favourites (I’ll tell you all about our nutty version someday), but it contains one of my favourite wedding-y images: love birds.

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Together on Tuesdays Link Party

Happy Tuesday, all! Thanks for stopping by today. I’m thrilled to be co-hosting my second Together on Tuesdays link party with Lisa over at Chronically Content.

Last week was a particularly busy week for me in Blogland! On Monday, I entered my recent music room makeover into the #SoDomino contest. (Thanks to everyone who’s been voting for meeeee!) On Tuesday, I hosted my first-ever link party (and I hope you’ll link up this week, too!). Hosting these parties has got me to thinking about whether it’s time to move over to the .org version of WordPress and go the self-hosted route. The free version of WordPress has been great to me, but it has its limitations. If you have any useful suggestions or advice for me, please comment away!

Friday saw me announcing my plan to spend the next 12 weeks working on my photography skills as part of the #EarnestChallenge. And finally, on Sunday I shared my recipe for Strawberry Zing! Frozen Yogurt.

What a week! And I worked my day job somewhere in there, too. :-) But this week is the last full week of school! Hip hip hooray!

Since I’m feeling in a party mood, let’s get to the link party!

Together on Tuesdays #43 & Giveaway

Image SEO Together Tuesdays #43

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Strawberry Zing! Frozen Yogurt

Nothing says “summer” like frozen treats. Ice cream (is anything more delectable?*), sorbet, granita, gelato, and – of course – frozen yogurt!

Like most people, I discovered frozen yogurt at the mall. I think I was about six years old when my dad bought me a raspberry frozen yogurt from Yogen Früz… and I was hooked. It was truly the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Don’t get me wrong: I love traditional, creamy, sweet ice cream. But there’s something about the *zing* of citrus or berry frozen yogurt that appeals so much to my taste buds.

So, a few weeks ago I came across this recipe for 5-minute (Healthy) Strawberry Frozen Yogurt and it inspired me to try making my own version!

Strawberry Zing! Frozen Yogurt

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