Oriental Chicken Salad | Guest Post by Ali

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Ali, the author of Home Crafts by Ali, through the Blogger Brags link party, and we’ve had a great time coming up with ideas for our guest post swap. We settled on a summer patio standard: chicken salad. And just in time for Labour Day get-togethers!

Ali was kind enough to feature my Waldorf-inspired Chicken Salad just last week and I’m pleased to be reciprocating by bringing you her Oriental Chicken Salad. It sounds absolutely delicious!

So, without further ado, I’m handing over the reigns to Ali…

Hi there!  I’m Ali and I am visiting today from Home Crafts by Ali.  It’s great to be with you here at Flourish & Knot.  On my blog I like to share posts about craft tutorials, tasty recipes, travel, and local activities.  There is a little of everything, because I love so many things.

Today I am excited to share with you one of the favorite recipes of my family.  This was one of the first meals I made for my husband 15 years ago and he requests it quite often.

Oriental Ramen Chicken Salad | by Home Crafts by Ali

The flavors of this salad are wonderful and light.  My favorite part is the peppers, I like to use a bag of the small multi-colored peppers.

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How to create a cascade bouquet

It’s time to unleash the cascade bouquet from the captivity of the beauty pageant!

Cascade bouquets can be so much more! So today I’m going to show you how you can create your own. Wedding, concert, lounging in your bathrobe… Nothing quite (delicately) shouts “I’m both classy and whimsical” like a cascading bouquet of blooms. They’re truly for every occasion.

This type of bouquet is actually a lot easier to arrange than you might think. It’s basically just two bouquets that you tape together. I kid you not!

Here’s what you’ll need to create your bouquet:

The materials you need to create a cascade bouquet | flourishandknot.com

  • 5-6 large focal flowers (the white roses)
  • 10-12 stems filler flowers (the pink and purple statice, and the lavender)
  • A variety of greenery in different shades (the silver sage, spirea, and ferns)
  • Floral tape
  • Floral Shears (sharp scissors will do in a pinch)
  • Ribbon
  • Straight pins with decorative (and preferably colour-coordinating) pin heads.
  • Optional: hot glue

Click here for the directions…

Blogger Brags No. 93

So last week was a pretty big one for me as a blogger: I had TWO guest posts published, which was a first!

Zesty Lemon Pesto by flourishandknot.com   A Waldorf-inspired chicken salad sandwich | by flourishandknot.com

My zesty lemon pesto recipe was featured on Old House to New Home, and my Waldorf-inspired chicken salad was featured on Home Crafts by Ali. I’m really looking forward to reciprocating with Ali, and I’ll be bringing you her take on chicken salad later this week!

I also published Part 2 of our Scandinavian anniversary meal, a yummy and surprising chilled pea and dill soup.

Chilled pea and dill soup with rye croutons | flourishandknot.com

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Here are this week’s 

Featured Posts from the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party

featured posts from Bloggers Brags, week 93

Here are my favorite posts from last week’s party:


These healthy triple-berry granola bars from Feeding Big sound like a great after-school snack. I really want to make a concerted effort to snack more healthily this year! I think this recipe may get tested pretty soon.


These garlic roasted veggies from Creatively Homespun sound absolutely delicious. I think fresh roasted veggies have to be one of the best side dishes ever. So simple, and yet so, SO satisfying.

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A dill-icious menu (part 2) | Chilled Pea and Dill Soup

Last week I shared my recipe for a simple, yet delicious (and no-cook!) Gravlax appetizer that I made as part of our anniversary dinner. The dinner had an all-Scandinavian theme, and I was cooking from The New Nordic.

Today I’m sharing the recipe for a scrumptious Chilled Pea and Dill Soup, which was Erick’s favourite part of our anniversary meal. It was flavourful and yet light: perfect for this hot, late-summer weather we’re getting!

Chilled pea and dill soup with rye croutons | flourishandknot.com

Click here to get the recipe

My first guest post!

I’m so thrilled to share with you that my very first guest post has been published over at Old House to New Home! Amanda invited me to share my recipe for (budget-friendly) zesty lemon pesto so I hope you’ll stop by her blog to check it out!

Zesty Lemon Pesto by flourishandknot.com

In case you need a little more incentive, here are the Top 3 Reasons to Visit Old House to New Home:

  1. She makes a mean Caramelized Onion and Portobello Pasta! This sounds absolutely delicious. Anything with caramelized onions is automatically awesome, but adding mushrooms makes it my perfect pasta dish.

Caramelized Onion Pasta

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Blogger Brags No. 92 | Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful, sunny weekend. We had great, if VERY hot weather while we were visiting my parents in Ottawa. It was great to see them because we (finally) celebrated the sale of their house!! We managed to escape to our friends’ cottage for a swim and some gorgeous lake time, too. Oh, and I’m working on an awesome sewing project… It was heaven!

I’m really looking forward to some of the posts and blog updates coming your way in the next two weeks. I’ll have the continuation of my Scandinavian anniversary meal. Last week I posted an easy-to-make smoked salmon appetizer. In case you missed it…

Traditional Scandinavian

So please DO stay tuned for some great news and posts in the next few days! If you want to receive F&K posts straight to your inbox, you can always subscribe via email. (Over there in the sidebar… On the right… -> -> -> -> -> ->)

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Featured Posts from the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party

Featured posts from week 92

Here are my favorite posts from last week’s party:

I loved this tutorial for a hanging birdcage planter from Thrifty Artsy Girl. What an awesome DIY and so much better than the run-of-the-mill-garden-centre baskets!


I also really enjoyed reading this tutorial for a DIY zippered pencil pouch from Home Crafts by Ali. I’ve been getting to know Ali a little bit since we’ve been co-hosting Blogger Brags, and her site is full of great, creative DIY ideas.


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A dill-ightful menu | Salmon & Dill Gravlax

Remember back when I mentioned that we bought some mead on our recent trip to Prince Edward Island? We drank it to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, with an all-Scandinavian meal inspired by The New Nordic, a cookbook by Simon Bajada. Well, I thought I’d share a couple of the dishes that I prepared as part of our Nordic anniversary feast.

I’ll break this post up into two parts, but don’t worry: I’ll be dill-igent about getting the second part out really soon!

Perhaps I should take a small step back and explain the whole Scandinavian thing? We are into all things Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic… Because my husband Erick is learning Swedish. (And doing a great job, I must say! Or, “han gör et bra jobb.”) By extension, I am learning a fair bit about Nordic culture and music! So I thought I’d tackle a little Scandinavian cuisine as well.

The menu for our all-Scandinavian anniversary meal | flourishandknot.com

I’ll be sharing the recipes for the Coho Salmon Gravlax and the Chilled Pea and Dill Soup over the next couple of days. The gravlax is a fabulous appetizer, and the soup was Erick’s favourite part of the meal (although the mead ran it a close second)!

We started off with the gravlax, which was super simple to prepare, but thoroughly dill-licious!

*For those of you who are new around here, I love to dill-iver a good (or very bad) pun. Please don’t let your readership dwin-dill just because my sense of humour is somewhat dill-usional.*

Traditional Scandinavian gravlax appetizer made of smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill, capers, and lemon juice | flourishandknot.com

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