DIY Glittered Candles | Create & Share Challenge

The title of this post really should be “Easiest DIY EVER”. Or maybe “Prettiest, easiest DIY EVER”. Who knew that a little glitter could add such style and charm to plain-Jane taper candles? For this month’s Create & Share Challenge, Stephanie of Casa Watkins Living and Cat of Pocketful of Posies challenged us to do something (anything!) with candles. I decided to up the glitz factor on some robin’s-egg-blue tapers.

DIY Glittered Candles | A simple way to add style to plain taper candles |

If you’re new to the Create & Share Challenge, it works like this: each month, a group of DIY bloggers are challenged to create a project using a particular item. I love using candles in my table decor, so I knew this was a good month to jump on the craftwagon! (That’s like the bandwagon, only with glue guns and glitter.)

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A DIY painted pumpkin for Día de Muertos & Halloween

Family traditions are so important! Here on Flourish & Knot, I’ve talked a lot about our family traditions. From the Scottish quaich ceremony at our wedding to the ornaments we put on our Christmas tree year after year, these rituals are at the heart of our family. Now that we’re parents to our beautiful baby Katherine, we want to make sure that she is in touch with her Mexican heritage, despite living in Canada. When I was brainstorming ideas for my next craft, I knew I wanted something both for Halloween and Día de Muertos (the Day of the Dead – an important Mexican holiday that happens on November 2nd). So, I got out my paintbrushes and my glue gun and set about making a funky, colourful painted pumpkin!

A colourful DIY painted pumpkin for Día de Muertos and Halloween |

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Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup

October is the best month of the year for cooking, no doubt about it! The produce available in October in Quebec, Canada is just the very best there is. We still have strawberries (yay L’Ile d’Orleans!), sweet corn, tomatoes, apples and of course… tonnes of delicious root vegetables. I took advantage of the bounty of this month to make a tasty carrot and roasted sweet potato soup. If you’re looking for a great fall soup for your next get-together, I’ve got you covered!

Carrot and roasted sweet potato soup recipe | harvest soup recipe |

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A Rustic & Whimsical Autumn Tablescape

Something about autumn just makes people want to gather. Perhaps it is the cooler temperatures or simply the bounty of fresh produce we enjoy, but coming together for a meal is part and parcel of fall. A beautifully set table is one of the pleasures of this type of communal meal. Today I am joining several bloggers, to bring you some fall table inspiration, as part of the Autumn Tablescape Hop. After all, Thanksgiving (Canadian and American!) is just around the corner.

A rustic, whimsical & elegant autumn tablescape | Autumn Tablescape Hop |

I would like to thank Chloe from Celebrate & Decorate for organizing this lovely blog hop! I have really enjoyed looking at everyone’s dining masterpieces this week. All the links are at the bottom of the post, so read on for more inspiration!

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