Vibrant Thanksgiving Table | Thanksgiving Centerpiece DIY | Year of Feasting

Hard to believe that it’s already October! For us Canadians, that means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner (like, next weekend – yikes! Better order my turkey!). I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year because we will host it in our home, and our little girl will enjoy it so much more than last year (when she was just a few months old). We have so much to be thankful for! When approached me to use their flowers in an autumnal tablescape, I thought it would be the perfect trial run for our big dinner next weekend. And it just so happens that October coincides with the fall Year of Feasting event! The stars really aligned. 

Thanksgiving Centerpiece DIY | DIY Floral Arrangement | Year of Feasting | Thanksgiving Tablescape | Blue and Orange Autumn Table

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For those of you joining me here at Flourish & Knot for the first time: welcome! The Year of Feasting blog hop is one of my all-time favourite blogging events, where a group of Canadian bloggers each create seasonal tablescapes and set-ups, and then actually host the meal. This Thanksgiving one required a little bit of blogger magic (hard to host Thanksgiving ten days early!), but my husband and I did in fact enjoy the food I photographed! We indulged in some Quebec cheeses, delicious charcuterie, fresh baguette, ripe local strawberries (soooo yummy!), and a nice bottle of Riesling (our favourite white wine). 

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Cochinita Pibil MéxiCanada! | Mexican Pulled Pork | Slow Cooker Recipe Hop

Mexican Pulled Pork | Cochinita Pibil Recipe | Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Autumn is my absolute favourite season for cooking, because I can pull out my slow cooker and let it work its magic on our weekly meals! Stews, soups, slow-cooked roasts, and of course… pulled pork! I discovered the deliciousness that is pulled pork as an adult, thanks to my husband’s Mexican roots. There are many variations on Mexican pulled pork, but the most famous is probably cochinita pibil, a specialty from the Yucatan. 

Mexican Pulled Pork | Cochinita Pibil Recipe | Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

This recipe incorporates achiote paste, which is used in a lot of Mexican cooking. Achiote can be bought at Mexican specialty stores or restaurants, ordered online (just do a quick google search), or sometimes even found in speciality grocery stores. It is also called anatto, and is a paste that combines several different spices. Definitely worth having in your pantry! I usually just line my suitcase with about 15 boxes of achiote when I come home from Mexico. I swear they must think I’m smuggling the stuff in when they scan my bags… I wonder what I should call my foodie smuggling operation? #OrganizedThyme 

[Whatever, I laughed.]

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Easy Embroidered Pillow | Ikea Hack | There for the Making

There for the Making Challenge | The No-Spend DIY Challenge | August 2017 | 4 Creative No-Spend DIY Projects

I always admired my grandmother’s beautiful embroidery skills, and wondered how she turned that bag of coloured thread into intricate, charming designs. I’ve attempted a few little quasi-embroidery projects in the past (a few little felt Christmas ornaments and some extraordinarily bad embroidered names on stockings don’t really count for much), so when the August edition of There for the Making rolled around, I thought I’d channel my grandmother and try my hand at some simple embroidery. I had an Ikea pillow cover kicking around, so I thought I would add some flair to it with an embroidered design for fall. Everyone loves a good Ikea hack, right?! Well, here’s how I made my easy (single-stitch!) embroidered maple leaf pillow. 

Easy Embroidered Pillow (with a single stitch!) | Ikea Hack! | Maple Leaf Pillow | There for the Making Challenge

In case you are new to There for the Making, this is a NO-SPEND, zero-dollar DIY challenge. That’s right: the bloggers who participate need to raid their craft and project stashes in order to repurpose, re-use, or recycle materials into something new. Without spending a cent! I love this project because it really forces us to be frugal, creative, and clever. AND it goes to show that you can do a lot without spending any money! 

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