I know that it’s been a very silent night month here at F&K. The good news is that concert season is OVER! Everything was a success and I feel very blessed to have made music with so many wonderful people this year. Plus, there’s only two more days of school before the holidays… But who’s counting?!

So, to tide you over until my next full post, here are a couple of pictures of a few of my favourite ornaments – as a thank-you for hanging in there while I’ve been so busy. 😉


Our beautiful Talavera ornament from Puebla, Mexico.


This one came from the Edinburgh Castle. ornament3

So did this one! The Fleur-de-Lys is a traditional symbol in Scotland because of the “Auld Alliance” with France.ornament4

One of our newer ornaments. This one was purchased in Almonte, Ontario. I love bird ornaments! My grandmother always had a lot of bird ornaments on her tree: that’s probably where I get it. 

Stay tuned for the Craftvent Calendar posts #3 and #4! Until then, have a great week!

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