Happy Sunday, all! Even though the temperature here has dipped down again (-20 last time I checked), the crisp winter light flooding through my windows has put me in a makeover kind of mood!

My music room has been crying out for attention since we moved in in November 2013. We basically just unloaded the furniture, threw all my boxes of music on the shelves, and called it a day. It increasingly became a dumping ground for unsorted music or school stuff, until about two weeks ago, when Erick and I looked at each other and said “enough”.

Erick took care of moving everything extraneous out (so now our family room has been promoted to Official Dumping Ground) and moved the shelves into the middle of the room. Hooray for my super helpful husband!

Because I know how much you guys love a good “before”, I made sure to snap a few pics with my iPhone, to give you an idea of what we are dealing with.


You might recognize that wall colour from our living room, hallway, and foyer, pre-makeover. It also currently features in our kitchen. I just *love* it.


You know what else I just *love*? Salmony-beige ceilings and trim!


Seriously, Spielberg could make a blockbuster about the salmon trim in our house. Brad Pitt could star in it, doing something hard-core with a paintbrush. Demi Moore could be called in to deal with the salmon trim outbreak. You would cry, you would laugh. Hollywood, are you listening?

After plastering, sanding, and priming, it looks like this:




Now where is all this heading, you ask? I’ve chosen Ben Moore’s “Simply White” for the walls. It’s a warm white, which I hope will keep things nice and bright, yet not stark. I made the mistake of just going with “white” the last time I painted my music room (in our old apartment downtown). It turned out VERY stark…


Since the furniture I have is mostly black and white, here’s what I’m thinking in the way of a colour scheme:

Music Room inspiration

So there it is: the beginning, the in-progress, and the inspiration. What about you? Did you take the plunge on any home projects this weekend? Feel free to let me know in the comments. Here’s wishing everyone a fabulous, project-filled week!

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