One Room Challenge | Week 4 | Vanity Fair?

Progress for progress’s sake happened around here*. And the jury is most definitely OUT.

(*Yes, that was a Harry Potter reference. Yes, I am a 27-year-old who still reads HP. What is your point?)

For those of you who are joining me for the first time today: welcome! I set out, as part of the One Room Challenge from Calling it Home, to makeover my master bathroom in just six weeks and with only $300. Every Thursday, the guest participants link up and have a chance to check out each other’s progress. There are some beautiful makeovers in the works!

ORC Guest Blue

In case you missed them, you can catch up on Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

So far, I’ve done well sticking to my budget and getting things crossed off my to-do list. Until now.

Trouble in DIY paradise! My One Room Challenge bathroom hits a snag in week 4!

I made a somewhat hasty decision about hardware for the vanity and I think I regret it. In my defence, I’ve lost a lot of time in this challenge because I was fighting pneumonia for three weeks! I’m struggling with what to do with this ugly brown bathroom and I may need to completely re-think some of my choices.

*silent sobbing*

Okay, maybe I’m being a tad dramatic, but this One Room Challenge is still kicking my butt.

So I bought some new pulls for the drawers and doors of the bathroom vanity. I thought I’d go with something contemporary but simple, to keep things clean and unfussy. I debated a couple of options before settling on these:

Trouble in DIY paradise! My One Room Challenge bathroom hits a snag in week 4!

They don’t look that bad when you ONLY look at the vanity. But when you see how the whole bathroom is shaping up… I’m not so sure.

One Room Challenge master bathroom makeover| Week 4 | Vanity Fair?

Perhaps it’s simply that I don’t have the art up (which will be in dark frames) or that there’s not much else to looks at yet, but those pulls just seem a little too… present? Obvious?

You must admit that the white vanity looks a whole lot better than the previous incarnation! Behold:

One Room Challenge master bathroom makeover| Week 4 | Vanity Fair?

I’ve also been working on creating my own knock-off of these gorgeous rose-gold hooks from Anthropologie:

Towel hook from Anthropologie

I don’t feel too badly about making my version, because they aren’t available for sale any more! I started off with these simple and inexpensive hooks from Rona:

The simple starting point for my Anthropologie knock-off towel hook!

I’m making two of these towel hooks, because, well, people need more than two places to hang their towels! I’ve already given them one coat of Krylon spray paint in copper (which is looking very rosy indeed). I can’t wait to show you the finished product (and a tutorial)!

Do-It-Yourself Question of the Week: Do you think I should put on some sort of sealant, over top of the new colour? I’m worried about the colour coming off on my towels when they are wet. Suggestions or tips? Leave ’em in the comments – I’d love to get your take!

And if you have any flashes of genius or clarity about those vanity pulls, I’d really appreciate hearing them. Maybe I’m not giving them enough time. Perhaps I’m just feeling tired and sulky? 🙂

So here is where I leave off for this week. I have so many things to accomplish in this space over the coming days. This weekend is going to be an extravaganza of DIY!

Master Bathroom To-Do List!

  • Prep walls for painting
  • Prime walls and doors (Free – thanks mom and dad!)
  • Paint ceiling white (Free)
  • Paint walls and doors Ben Moore’s “Pink Damask” ($46)
  • Buy shower curtain ($20)
  • Buy towels
  • Buy bath mat
  • Buy or make towel hooks (ALMOST DONE!)
  • Spray paint or replace hand towel rack
  • Replace curtain rod
  • Install short curtain rod and clear curtain over window in shower
  • Frame out mirror
  • Paint vanity
  • Install new vanity hardware (Hm.) ($35)
  • Paint inside of linen cupboard
  • Line shelves of linen cupboard
  • Organize linen cupboard
  • Organize vanity
  • Accessories (So far: $10)
  • Hang art (we have it all framed and ready to go!) (Frames $20)
  • Buy and install new light fixture

I can’t wait to update you on the mirror framing and the DIY towel hooks next week! Happy Halloween weekend!


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18 thoughts on “One Room Challenge | Week 4 | Vanity Fair?”

  • Just a thought here—you trying to cross contemporary look with vintage arches on both the bath niche and the vanity. I think if you add something horizontal (might even just be a long piece of straight molding) above the arch and a similar board or molding over the arches on the vanity doors…to contemporize, it could all work.

  • Hmmm…what if you spray painted the pulls gold? I feel like it would pull some of the color from the curtain and the floor, tie it together and not be quite so stark against the white? Maybe use an old hardware pull if you have one and try it out? I just spray painted mine this last week. I hate when things don’t come together like you envisioned. I like your idea for the towel holders, those are going to look great!

    • Hmmm well I would definitely change the pulls, rather than paint them, because I can get gold ones (if I go that route) for the same price. I think I’ll see how things look when I layer in some accessories and art.

  • Yes…I love the black handles….but I might have chosen something curved, to echo the curve in the door. But it’s all beginning to shape up!

  • If it makes you feel any better, I like to live with choices for at least a week or so and add in some more layers before I decide if the element is working or not. You’ve still got a little wiggle room to add in the art work before making a decision on the hardware. As for a sealant, I would say yes since the hooks will be in contact with wet towels. It’s not a lot of work to spray some clear sealant on. Glad you’re on the mend!

    • Hey Sharon! Thanks for the advice. I am living with them, and I’m liking them more and more as I layer in other elements. Plus, I went back to two hardware stores to look for something the same colour, and there was nothing… So… I actually talked to the head paint guy at Rona and he said that because the sprays are oil-based, I should be more than fine without a sealant… I think I’ll try the hooks with an old towel the first time, though! 🙂

  • I see what you mean with the pulls, but I would leave them until you have your artwork up and see if you’re still feeling the same. If so, go with the gold as they will probably tie in with the room well. Love your idea for the towel hooks!

  • About the hardware. Its the placement of them. In US the hardware on the doors go in the middle of the doors. Making a vertical line where you don’t want it. And it is totally not practical because you need to bend low to actually use them. If you move the hardware from the doors on the vanity to the top part of the doors instead and lay them down in the same way as the pulls on the drawers you will get horizontal lines instead of the breaking vertical line. Especially with the hard contrast in color I think this would work so much better.
    I love the idea of the hooks. That will look great. Make sure to put some copper elsewhere in the room as well or it will be unbalanced.
    Best of luck with the challenge!

    • Hi Pia! Thanks so much for taking the time give your suggestions in such detail. I will definitely keep them in mind the next time I re-do cabinets or a vanity (which will probably be soon – our downstairs bath is pretty sad, too!). For now, I’m running low on TIME, so I won’t be able to fill, re-paint, and re-drill, but I love your suggestion!

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