Today’s post opens at the close of the One Room Challenge.  As part of the six-week ORC, my husband and I have taken our guest room and transformed it into the perfect, star-filled, Harry Potter nursery for our baby girl. We could not be more thrilled to finally show you how it has all come together!

Wands at the ready, let’s step inside our magical, Harry Potter-themed nursery…

Step into our magical Harry Potter-themed nursery! |

Cubiculum infantium revelio! (That’s “nursery reveal” for the muggles.)

Navy, turquoise, pink, and white Harry Potter nursery with starry accent wall |

This post was sponsored in part by UncommonGoods and I Love Print. I received product as compensation. All opinions are my own. 

It’s come a long way from where it all began

Our nursery before the big One Room Challenge transformation |

The starry accent wall may just be my favourite detail of the whole room. It really turned out even more beautifully than I had imagined, and all thanks to my hard-working husband who carefully placed each of those star decals.

You’ll also notice that fun turquoise and white woven basket beside the crib. I have UncommonGoods to thank for it! They generously provided some products for me to use in this space, and I know that the basket is going to come in very handy.

Woven turquoise and white basket from UncommonGoods |

Navy, turquoise, pink, and white Harry Potter nursery with starry accent wall |

This corner is definitely my favourite, and I just can’t wait to rock our little baby girl in the refurbished antique rocking chair. The storage ottoman was an awesome find from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and cost me… wait for it… zero dollars! (In that I had a gift card.) It is exactly the shade of turquoise I was looking for and will hold things like blankets, burp cloths, and things for late-night feedings. (Snacks, perhaps?)

The pink cushion is DIY that I sewed last weekend. It’s actually a remnant from my flower girl’s dress! I think the swirls on it look like magic spells.

DIY pink and turquoise cushions in our Harry Potter nursery |

Turquoise and gold lamp, pink flowers, and a silver-framed photograph in our Harry Potter nursery |

If you continue on your tour, you come to this corner of the nursery:

Navy, turquoise, pink, and white Harry Potter nursery with Mexican tine star mobilel |

This will be our little girl’s reading nook, and we’ve already got plenty of books to spark a love of reading! (Of course, you can never possibly have too many books!) You also get another peek at the handmade wooden rocking horse that we made over. It was mine as a child, and my husband painted the seat (saddle?) and handle bars pink. I love it!

I’m completely ga-ga over the Mexican tin star mobile we created. I’ve always loved these stars, and I knew when we planned our Harry Potter theme that I would incorporate them somehow. I may or may not have dragged my in-laws all over several artisan markets, scouting them out over the Christmas break… Thanks, you guys!

Mexican tin star mobile in our Harry Potter nursery |

Navy, turquoise, pink, and white Harry Potter nursery with navy dresser |

Our refurbished navy-blue dresser takes centre stage on this side of the room. She really is a beauty! A far cry from where she started, certainly… This piece will serve as our changing table, though we’re still missing some important baby items, like a changing pad. 🙂

I was absolutely thrilled to partner with I Love Print for the gallery wall above the dresser. Annalisa graciously provided that delightful watercolour Hogwarts print that you see in the centre. It was the jumping-off point for all of our pink accents! Before it arrived, I was leaning towards lavender as the accent, but when I saw it next to the navy, I knew we had to capitalize on that raspberry-pink.

Harry Potter gallery wall with watercolour Hogwarts print from I Love Print |

The little Dumbledore cartoon to the right of the print is something I picked up at an Etsy fair back in September (yes, I knew I would do a Harry Potter theme even before I was pregnant!), and I made the flying key and “K” initial myself.

Harry Potter gallery wall with Hogwarts print by I Love Print |

You also get a great view of Hedwig and Scabbers in that shot! Hedwig (the snowy owl) was an amazing find (and treasured gift) on the part of my mother. She’s actually a puppet (!) and her head swivels and her wings move and everything! Scabbers (the rat) is a fabulous little Ikea find.

I take it back, those two are my favourite details! 🙂

Stuffed puppet Hedwig in our Harry Potter nursery | flourishandknot.c

Interior of our navy dresser with magical forest lining paper |

I lined the drawers of the dresser with this gorgeously-detailed paper (Ikea scores again!). I think it looks like the Forbidden Forest. And if you look carefully, you’ll notice that Prongs is hiding amongst the trees…

Navy blue dresser with Harry Potter gallery wall and pink accents |

Pink and natural wood rocking horse |

Map of the Heavens and woven basket by UncommonGoods |

The other lovely product sponsored by UncommonGoods is this fabulous Map of the Heavens print. When I saw it on the UncommonGoods site, I knew it would be the perfect accent for our Harry Potter theme. I think both Firenze and Professor Trelawney would approve!

My experiences with UncommonGoods and I Love Print were fantastic. Products shipped exactly as I expected, and so quickly. Because of the short turn-around time for this project, I really appreciated how easy it was to work with both companies.

Map of the Heavens from UncommonGoods

Teddy bear with lighting bolt bow tie and Wingardium Leviosa embroidery hoop

My old teddy bear, Pebby, got a snazzy new lightning bolt bowtie for the occasion. You’ll see more of that fabric really soon in another baby project I have on the go. The “Wingardium Leviosa” embroidery sampler was made by my dear friend Annie.

So there you have it. The to-do list is done, and we can finally relax and just enjoy this space. I can’t wait to spend time in here with our baby girl. July cannot come soon enough!

Nursery To-Do List

  • Prep the room (including filling holes and an old cable outlet)
  • Prime the room
  • Paint three walls “Snowfall White” 
  • Paint the focal wall
  • Decorate the focal wall
  • Paint the ceiling
  • Paint the closet
  • Paint the trim and doors
  • Shop for a crib and mattress
  • Shop for an area rug
  • Buy or make curtains (bought them)
  • Prep and sand the dresser
  • Paint the dresser
  • Hardware for the dresser (using the original hardware)
  • Repaint the rocking chair
  • Throws and cushions for the rocking chair 
  • Buy frames for art
  • Buy shelves or ledges for books
  • Hang shelves/ledges
  • Assemble crib
  • Install curtain rod and hang curtains
  • Hem curtains
  • Artwork
  • Side table
  • Paint rocking horse
  • Sand bookcase
  • Paint bookcase
  • Accessories 
  • Organize the closet

Special thanks to my One Room Challenge sponsors. Their partnership is greatly appreciated! If you would like to see more from them, please click the images below.Special thanks to UncommonGoods for sponsoring our One Room Challenge makeover! |

Special thanks to I Love Print for sponsoring my One Room Challenge makeover! | flourishandknot.comOur navy, turquoise, pink, and white Harry Potter nursery with starry accents | One Room Challenge |

I also have to say a big thank you to my parents for giving us so many of the pieces of furniture to use in this space. We loved breathing new life into these pieces, and cannot thank my parents enough for their generosity.

The final thank you needs to be to my wonderful, handy husband, Erick. He put so much much time and effort into this nursery transformation. Without him, none of this could have happened. I may have come up with the initial idea, but it was his hard work that pulled it all off.

And on that note…

Mischief managed.


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Source List:

Crib | Picture Frames | Rug | Turquoise Cushion | Curtains | Woven Basket | Map of the Heavens Print | Hogwarts Print | Picture Ledges | Snowy Owl Puppet | Stuffed Rat Toy | Star Decals | Lightning Bolt Fabric | Curtain Rod | Ottoman | Side Table

Paint Colours:

Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore (colour-matched to SICO)

Snowfall White by Benjamin Moore (colour-matched to SICO)

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Pink


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57 Comments on Harry Potter Nursery REVEAL! | One Room Challenge

  1. Mischief managed, indeed! I am sure that Harry, Hermione, and Ron would TOTALLY approve! And so will baby K!

  2. I am excited to see your amazing reveal, I feel like I have been transformed into another beautiful place in time! It had that magical appeal, the baby will be so happy there! You have out done yourself. You did a great job with the Blog Hop! I was hoping around yesterday but many were not done! Will hop over again. Hugs Maria

  3. Hedwig! Stars! The Wingardium Leviosa needlepoint! Everything! I just love it. Fantastic job. You will love snuggling your new baby in this room. She is going to love it too.

  4. Oh, I love this so, so much! The starry accent wall is dreamy, your mobile is beautiful, and all of the Harry Potter touches are so sweet (the flying key!! the watercolor print!!).

  5. It turned out great! Love your navy wall with stars–great minds think alike, right?! 😉 Your mobile is so pretty, too! The Hogwarts castle print looks beautiful in there!

  6. I love how you interpreted HP! Not over-the-top, just magical enough for your baby! Congrats and CHEERS to us for another room done!

  7. Wow, what a great room for the little one, and I agree with you – the stars on the wall are probably my favourite thing too 🙂

  8. What a charming nursery! The dresser looks beautiful with its new paint job, and I adore the drawer liners. The wall of stars is so pretty, and I know you’ll enjoy spending time with your little baby girl in here–well done!

  9. I’m still trying to pick my jaw off the floor. Everything is truly magical! I am gaga over your Mexican star mobile too. And the blue dresser is amazing. I know you put a lot of work in it and you must be so proud.

  10. Oh my goodness, Sarah! This room is absolutely MAGICAL! I especially love, love, love the stars on the navy wall above the crib. What a sweet space you’ve created for your little one!

  11. It turned out so cute Sarah! Love the stars on the wall. Very wise to stay away from white walls for kids! 🙂 What is the exact color of the blue wall if you don’t mind?

  12. The Etsy shop for the star decals is no longer around 🙁 any idea what size those stars are? I am wanting to do something similar for our little girl’s nursery and there are so many different size options. But I really like how yours turned out like the night sky. Thanks!

    • Oh no! They were between 3″ and 0.5″ and my husband just used them at random to create the pattern.

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