Today’s Spectacular Summer Blog Hop post from Just Measuring Up is SO COOL! I always loved trying (sometimes successfully and sometimes less so) to fly a kite when I was a kid, and my dad and I tried out a bunch of different designs. Where was this one?? I will be pinning it for use in a couple of year’s with our little girl!

This box kite tutorial from Just Measuring Up sounds like the perfect end-of-summer project to make as a family!

I’m a huge fan of upcycling, so I think this would be a really neat activity for around the time of Earth Day (in April) if you could repurpose any leftover materials! Of course kites are perfect for summer outings, so if you have a labour day gathering coming up, maybe you could make a few for the kiddos (and big kiddos) to enjoy. I also love that this project lets me use our power tools… so fun!



Would you rather have a margarita or a pina colada?

Neither ☺ I would go for some fresh fruit or freshly juiced fruit.

What was your favourite subject in school?

Oddly enough, I enjoyed math even though I later became a reading teacher. I like figuring out problems – and the fact that you could check your answer.

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