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Irish (& Celtic) Music to Get You in the Mood for St. Patrick’s Day!

My top Irish & Celtic music picks to get you (and your guests!) in the mood for St. Patrick's Day

Céad Mile Fáilte – One hundred thousand welcomes to you – and thanks for stopping by Flourish & Knot today! Today is a departure from my usual DIY topics: I’m writing about my other great passion, Celtic & Irish music. In honour of Ireland’s BIG DAY on March 17th, I’ve rounded up my favourite traditional Irish & Celtic bands for St. Patrick’s Day.

My top Irish & Celtic music picks to get you (and your guests!) in the mood for St. Patrick's Day | Irish music for St Patrick's Day

I don’t often write about music here on Flourish & Knot. My day job (when I’m not on maternity leave, that is), is as a musician and music teacher, so I like my blog to be a completely separate escape. I wrote a bit about my experiences teaching choral music in India, and I blogged about why singing in a choir is THE BEST, but I really tend to keep things to the DIY realm here. I thought long and hard about what to do in the way of a St. Patrick’s Day post, and I just felt like I wasn’t being true to my Celtic heritage: I needed to write about Irish music.

Irish music is a staple – obviously – of St. Patrick’s Day, and I used to play SO MANY GIGS at this time of year; but it always made me a little sad that people were more interested in hearing the same old same old “St. Paddy’s Day” tunes and songs (‘Black Velvet Band’, I’m looking at you!) and not the actually traditional music! Traditional Irish music is SO wonderful and emotive, and I really hope that I can give you some alternatives to the usual pub-fare tunes. Bodhrans, tin whistles, and dancing shoes at the ready… Here we go!

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Encore… India!

Traditional Paite dancers in Manipur, India |

I managed to get iMovie to behave, so I FINALLY get to show off the incredible singing of my three choirs at Angels’ Place in Churachandpur, India! Yesss!

Before we go any further, I should tell you that everything you witness in this video happened in about three days of rehearsal. Seriously, these kids are ON FIRE. How many groups of 16-year-olds do you know who request a two-hour rehearsal at 7:00 in the morning?! Right?? Right.

These children can do anything. Four part harmony? No problem. Add a choreography? No sweat. Do it all in their third language? Piece of cake! Sing convincingly about ice and snow… A little more of a challenge but certainly nothing they aren’t capable of!

During the concert, they not only sang, but also performed several cultural and pop dances. Their talent knows no bounds. These young ladies worked and worked on this dance, which shows the agricultural history of Manipur. It turned out really well!


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