The title of this post really should be “Easiest DIY EVER”. Or maybe “Prettiest, easiest DIY EVER”. Who knew that a little glitter could add such style and charm to plain-Jane taper candles? For this month’s Create & Share Challenge, Stephanie of Casa Watkins Living and Cat of Pocketful of Posies challenged us to do something (anything!) with candles. I decided to up the glitz factor on some robin’s-egg-blue tapers.

DIY Glittered Candles | A simple way to add style to plain taper candles |

If you’re new to the Create & Share Challenge, it works like this: each month, a group of DIY bloggers are challenged to create a project using a particular item. I love using candles in my table decor, so I knew this was a good month to jump on the craftwagon! (That’s like the bandwagon, only with glue guns and glitter.)

The best part of this project? How simple and effective it was! Quite literally, anyone can do this. With just a few materials, these bedazzled candles can add some glamour to a holiday or special event, or make a gorgeous personalized hostess gift.


Candles of your choosing (any colour, any style!)

Co-ordinating fine glitter (I used the same shade of blue, but this would be equally effective with a contrasting colour)

Matte craft varnish and inexpensive paintbrush

Painters’ tape


  1. Tape off your design on your candles. You could do stripes, you could go diagonally… Whatever strikes your fancy! Remember, though, that the part you tape off is NOT getting glittered. I recommend starting your glitter lower on the taper, so that you can burn the candles for a while without running into the glitter. I have no idea what will happen to these when they hit the glitter… Probably nothing good. So I started my glitter design a good ways down the taper. 🙂

DIY Glittered Candles | A simple way to add style to plain taper candles |

DIY Glittered Candles | A simple way to add style to plain taper candles |

2. Apply the varnish to the area you want to glitter. Shake the glitter onto the varnish and pat it down with your finger until the area is completely covered in glitter. Allow the varnish to dry completely.

DIY Glittered Candles | A simple way to add style to plain taper candles |

3. Once the varnish is dry, carefully remove the tape. That’s it! You’re done! (See? I told you: easiest DIY EVER.)


Since I was using three candles for my candelabra, I chose to make the two tapers on the sides the same and the middle one a different pattern. You could do any combination of patterns you wish.

DIY Glittered Candles | A simple way to add style to plain taper candles |

I think that these would make fabulous stocking stuffers or hostess gifts for the holiday season. They would also be a great way to jazz up candles inexpensively for an event like a baby or bridal shower, or even a wedding. You could do this technique on real or LED candles, as long as you use the right kind of glue.

DIY Glittered Candles | A simple way to add style to plain taper candles |

And just for fun, a close-up of those gorgeous flowers! (They were from my great-aunt’s 90th birthday party – If you’re reading, hi Aunt Jean!)

White peonies, peach and pink roses, and dark blue berries in a floral arrangement |

Gorgeous! Gotta love those ombré peach-pink roses. So lush!

Are you thinking ahead to some simple DIYs for the holiday season? I know it’s early, but I like to prepare as calmly as I can, over a longer period of time…

… Who am I kidding? Inevitably, I’m finishing up holiday projects right up until the last gun is fired. (Like the year I was still sewing stockings on the afternoon of Christmas eve. Uh-huh.)

Over the next month and a half I will have some great DIY ideas for you to try out! But don’t worry: things won’t get too Christmassy around here too soon. I’ll ease you into it, I promise. 😉

Please take some time and visit the other Create & Share participants! They all came up with fabulous ways to incorporate candles into your decor, and I think you’ll find some great inspiration as the season of entertaining gets nearer.

Enjoy the tour and have a wonderful week! I also want to take a moment and wish you a safe and happy Halloween. In case you are looking for some eleventh-hour Halloween projects, you can find ’em HERE!

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