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Easy Embroidered Pillow | Ikea Hack | There for the Making

There for the Making Challenge | The No-Spend DIY Challenge | August 2017 | 4 Creative No-Spend DIY Projects

I always admired my grandmother’s beautiful embroidery skills, and wondered how she turned that bag of coloured thread into intricate, charming designs. I’ve attempted a few little quasi-embroidery projects in the past (a few little felt Christmas ornaments and some extraordinarily bad embroidered names on stockings don’t really count for much), so when the August edition of There for the Making rolled around, I thought I’d channel my grandmother and try my hand at some simple embroidery. I had an Ikea pillow cover kicking around, so I thought I would add some flair to it with an embroidered design for fall. Everyone loves a good Ikea hack, right?! Well, here’s how I made my easy (single-stitch!) embroidered maple leaf pillow. 

Easy Embroidered Pillow (with a single stitch!) | Ikea Hack! | Maple Leaf Pillow | There for the Making Challenge

In case you are new to There for the Making, this is a NO-SPEND, zero-dollar DIY challenge. That’s right: the bloggers who participate need to raid their craft and project stashes in order to repurpose, re-use, or recycle materials into something new. Without spending a cent! I love this project because it really forces us to be frugal, creative, and clever. AND it goes to show that you can do a lot without spending any money! 

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Cottage-Inspired (mini) Deck Makeover | Colourful Vintage Cottage Style

Vintage Cottage Style | Cottage-Inspired Mini Deck Makeover | Milkshakes n Sunshine Fabric | Flourish & Knot

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful, glimmering lake surrounded by towering green pines to say “summer”. Throughout most of my childhood, we spent many summer days at a good friend’s cottage in Ontario and they are some of my happiest memories. It’s no wonder, then, that when the time came to give our deck a little refresh, I pulled inspiration from vintage cottage style! We knew that this would be the summer the deck got repainted, so I jumped at the chance to add some new decorative touches to the space. I was thrilled to partner with Milkshakes ‘n Sunshine Fabrics to create some charming fabric accents for our newly re-painted deck. The best part is that we will get to enjoy them out on the deck for years to come!

Vintage Cottage Style | Cottage-Inspired Mini Deck Makeover | Milkshakes n Sunshine Fabric | Flourish & Knot Fabric used in this post was provided by Milkshakes ‘n Sunshine Fabrics. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see my policies. Thank you for supporting the brands that partner with Flourish & Knot. 

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“Warm Heart” DIY Hand Warmers | Valentine’s Day Hop

Easy to sew "warm heart" DIY hand warmers | DIY Valentine's Day gift | Beginner sewing project

Who else feels that Valentine’s Day has become too commercial? Hands? Anyone? Well, I do, which is why my hubby and I often go handmade for our Valentine’s Day gifts. Today I’m joining some of my fellow Canadian bloggers to bring you DIY inspiration for injecting some handmade style into this lovey-dovey holiday. If there’s one thing that we Canucks know, (you know, other than hockey and universal health care) it’s COLD WEATHER, so I thought it would be nice to make a few DIY hand warmers as a little Valentine’s Day gift. These are really easy to make in case you are looking for great beginner sewing projects!

Easy to sew "warm heart" DIY hand warmers | Beginner Sewing Projects | DIY Valentine's Day gift | Beginner sewing project

Today’s hop is hosted by Jo-Anna of A Pretty Life in the Suburbs. Jo-Anna blogs from Calgary, Alberta, and she has lots of great home decor, recipes, and DIY projects on her site. Stick around to the end of this post to visit all the other lovely participants’ blogs!

These hand warmers are a perfect sewing project for beginners. You can even hand-sew them easily if you don’t have access to a machine! And the stitching on the edge is just a plain blanket stitch. I’ll show you how to assemble them in no time.

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