Autumn is my absolute favourite season for cooking, because I can pull out my slow cooker and let it work its magic on our weekly meals! Stews, soups, slow-cooked roasts, and of course… pulled pork! I discovered the deliciousness that is pulled pork as an adult, thanks to my husband’s Mexican roots. There are many variations on Mexican pulled pork, but the most famous is probably cochinita pibil, a specialty from the Yucatan. 

Mexican Pulled Pork | Cochinita Pibil Recipe | Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

This recipe incorporates achiote paste, which is used in a lot of Mexican cooking. Achiote can be bought at Mexican specialty stores or restaurants, ordered online (just do a quick google search), or sometimes even found in speciality grocery stores. It is also called anatto, and is a paste that combines several different spices. Definitely worth having in your pantry! I usually just line my suitcase with about 15 boxes of achiote when I come home from Mexico. I swear they must think I’m smuggling the stuff in when they scan my bags… I wonder what I should call my foodie smuggling operation? #OrganizedThyme 

[Whatever, I laughed.]

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