Announcing the arrival of the littlest (future) DIYer around… Katherine Maria! She arrived on her due date of July 25th (that’s my punctual little girl!) at 11:14 AM, and weighed 7 lbs. We couldn’t be happier – though I’ll admit that sleep is at a premium – and we’re all settling in beautifully.


I hope to have some photos for you of her in the clothes I sewed leading up to her birth, but for now I’m content with just spending time snuggling our little lady. It’s only been two weeks and already she doesn’t look like the same tiny baby we brought home! Ah! Time truly does fly!

Not sure when I’ll be back with a DIY post… Soon, I hope! Until then…

xoxo Sarah, Erick & Katherine


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19 Comments on Oh baby!

  1. I never saw this post, what a gorgeous baby, I love her name to Katherine Maria, I am partial to that name, So happy for you and I am sure you are enjoying her. Are you doing the ORC, or don’t have time,I did not see your post.

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